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Round Prescription Glasses

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Round Prescription Glasses

Want to know what the hype around round glasses is? Undoubtedly, as soon as anyone whips on a pair of round frames, they’ll instantly portray some intense mysterious, and alluring vibes. Round glasses have the natural ability to give off intellectual and intelligent feels, just like professor Albert Einstein who was a fan of the round frame glasses himself…


Not like your average ‘mediocre’ round glasses, you’ll be able to find some of the swankiest, bold and unique round glasses collections, as well a contrast of fresh and minimal, neutral, and clear round frames that are perfect for any given occasion. Whether you’re searching for a fashion statement piece, ‘rare’ unique luxuryrounds, finer and designer, or a pair for every day of the week at a value price, then we’ve got your back!

Round Prescription Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Round glasses are typically referred to as ‘tea shade glasses’, for those round glasses that are the ultra round kind.  You’ll also hear people refer to round glasses as ‘John Lennon’ glasses, as the famous musician from the Beatles was never seen without a pair, wearing some of the most iconic men’s round glasses. The other typical names you’ll hear are Elton John and Ozzy Osborne glasses. Why? Again, this is because the iconic superstars are notoriosuly known for wearing these statement pieces, as well as for the music they produce. One thing all these prestigious celebs have in common is their career paths, and most importantly their wild, unique statement piece round glasses that they were never seen without, sunglasses or glasses, they had to be ravishing and round. 

As previously mentioned, round glasses have thrived and are still so high in demand due to the intelligent looking style they provide, and because of the worldwide stud celebrities who naturally represented, and continue to represent them today.


Round frame glasses, believe it or not, were firstborn in Roman times in Italy, the 13th century. Yes, not as recent as you’d think! They were worn solely for those with vision impairments, to be able to read smaller text. Throughout history, the round glasses continued to flourish throughout the eyewear industry, also becoming one of the most recognized statement fashion pieces…what a transformation!


Although firstly recognized on male celebrities in the 1920s and ’30s, they were also a huge hit and worn by both men and women all around the world. Round glasses come in all shapes and sizes and are now one of the biggest statement pieces, whether that be for a funky festival rocking up in some retro round sunglasses, or some alluring and sophisticated round, everyday eyeglasses for work and education.


Luckily, round glasses work great with all face shapes, anyone can rock a pair! However, they specifically enhance and work well with heart and square faces, to define and soften the strong features, and to add a little contrast in face shapes, to the glasses. 


If you’re here wondering what your face shape is, then you can check out the ingenious face-shape guide at SmartBuyGlasses that will show you how to find your exact face shape! The face shape guide will also indicate to you what frames complement your face the most, so you can get shopping until your drop in a matter of seconds!

You’ll be able to find endless round glasses online, some for everyday wear like work and education, some solely for fashion, and some of your lairy wild statement pieces for festivals and summer parties. 


However, at SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll be able to find diverse, one-of-a-kind round glasses collections, perfect and ready for any given occasion. With free shipping and the best price guaranteed, we are certain that there is a perfect pair waiting for everyone!


Want some recommendations to start your search? The most trending round frame glasses have to be the clear rounds, the fashionable ‘geek’ big round glasses or oversized glasses, and the all-time favorite year on year, the bold ‘n gold round frames that are perfect for every season and give off a totally irresistible look. 


If you’re purchasing your round glasses for everyday work or education, then make sure to get yourself protected from blue light with the advanced and ingenious zFORT® protection at SmartBuyGlasses.


To enhance your shopping experience and to try on some of the finest round glasses, try out the Virtual Try-On tool, which will enable you to try on endless frames and shop until you drop! Figure out what color and style of glasses you love and see them to size in a selfie! All of this fun at the comfort of your own home, with no queues, no fuss, no hassle. We even have a free 100-day returns policy just incase you dont love your new prescription glasses.


You can also feel assured that your money is being spent in the right place by seeing what we do to give back to the community.


Want a bit more style inspiration? Take a look at some of the most timeless, original, and sought-after round frames. Everything you need is in the freshest round glasses top picks style guide! You’ll also be able to find a cheeky product try-on video of some of the most classic round frames and sunnies, ready to rock any look.


Round glasses not working for you like you had hoped? Dont panic, there are countless more options out there for you. Take a try at oval glasses, or go for a more serious look with square or rectangle glasses frames. Happy shopping!