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    Square Prescription Glasses

    Square glasses are an iconic, classic frame that has sharper angles and a solid silhouette that successfully highlights the upper features of your face. Compared to rectangular frames, square frame glasses offer additional height and help balance the top half of your face.


    What face shape do square glasses suit?

    First, you may be wondering if square glasses are the right fit for you and whether or not square glasses suit round faces.

    The answer is absolutely! If you have a wider forehand, fuller cheeks, and a more rounded chin, square frame glasses are perfect for you. However, if this doesn’t describe your facial features, there is no reason why square frames won’t suit you just the same.

    To determine your face shape and which frame best suits you, discover our short guide.


    How to style square glasses?

    A pair of chunky square frame glasses will radiate a geek-chic look, whilst a narrower pair will have you looking stylish and refined. 

    Try pairing your square frames with a formal work suit or a casual t-shirt and jeans, and expect to give off a sophisticated yet sleek look every time. 

    To feel more confident that your frame of choice is right for you, try our Virtual Try-On tool, which allows you to see yourself in countless designs of square glasses before you buy them.


    Oversized square glasses

    If you really want to make a fashion statement, opt for a pair of oversized square glasses. We offer a selection of oversized square glasses that are guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd.


    Black square glasses 

    From Tom Ford to Oakley, Burberry to Micheal Kors, we have a selection of black square glasses across a range of brands. The black square frame will not only help frame your face, but it will also boldly balance the top half of your face. However, you can also browse an array of other colored frames to find the one that suits you.


    What are you waiting for? Discover all we have to offer to find frames you love the most!