Thin Glasses Frames – Are They Right for You?

By Dominique Bowen
Reviewed by Beck Jinnette
Beck Jinnette

Reviewed by

Beck Jinnette
Beck has over 17 years of experience in eye care, holding her Certificate IV in Dispensing in Australia.
Finding it challenging to decide which glasses frames to wear next? This guide will help.
rectangular thin frame glasses
Thought thin glasses frames were strictly reserved for older generations? Think again. Among fashion-forward men and women, thin-frame glasses are now linked with a sophisticated, elegant aesthetic.

Advantages of thin glasses frames

There are a few benefits to choosing thin glasses frames. Here are just some of them. 


Glasses with thin frames have a range of advantages, the most appealing being comfort. When you have a light frame material, your glasses weigh less, meaning a more comfortable experience.

No nose bridge imprint

Say goodbye to that unsightly nose bridge imprint! You know the one. Removing your eyewear shouldn’t have you feeling self-conscious about the mark left by nose pads.

Fortunately, with thin glasses frames you can be reassured that you are much less likely to experience this issue.

The minimal force at the points of contact between your face and glasses can make a big difference over a whole day of wearing your specs.

If you have a high prescription, you may still experience added weight on your nose, so this is something to consider when looking at thin frame glasses.

model wearing thin frame glasses
model wearing thin frame glasses

Snug fit

Continuously nudging your eyeglasses back up the bridge of your nose? Nudge no more. Thinner frames lend themselves to a closer fit on your face. 

Coupled with the lightweight, slim design of thin frame eyeglasses, you no longer need to deal with them sliding down your nose. 

Even those with thick lenses can enjoy this benefit. Thanks to technological advancements, it is easier to find lenses that fit your strong prescription needs and still offer sleek, thin lenses. 

However, if, for example, you have -7.00 prescription in a 1.74 lens index, your glasses overall would still be thicker and heavier.

Do thin frames suit you?

Thin glasses frames offer a distinct look, and the benefit of lightweight comfort. Consider the below points when deciding whether they should be your next pair.

Give it personality

The right pair of eyeglasses needs to tick the function and style boxes for every wearer. Especially if you wear yours regularly, they should complement your look.

If you’re after a bold aesthetic, don’t shy away from these frames on account of their narrowness. Play with color and materials to make your look stylish, while still enjoying the lightweight design.

Face shape

Determining which face shape you have is useful to help you narrow down the types of frames you should consider. Oval, square, round, and heart… all of these face shapes have an ideal thin glasses frame pairing.

You can use our convenient face shape guide to see which category you fall into, as well as some tips for each face type.

infographic showing face shapes
infographic showing face shapes

What about your lens prescription?

Your lens prescription will have a role to play in the frames you wear. For each prescription, there is a recommended lens index. 

The lens index indicates how light refracts through a lens, and in conjunction with your prescription, indicates the thickness; the higher the index, the thinner and lighter the lens can be made.

With a low index, your choice of eyeglass frames is narrowed down because your lenses are thicker, requiring the right frames to comfortably fit into. 

With a high index, you may find you have more options to choose from, or could even go with a rimless option.

Finding the lightest weight frames

So, we already know that thin frame glasses are naturally more lightweight than their thicker framed counterparts. 

You can also explore different materials, like metallic or acetate, to lighten the weight of your glasses even more.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel thin metal glasses frames have the advantage of being durable, strong, non-corrosive, and tend to be more affordable than some other popular metal materials like aluminum.


Flexon is a popular choice for those with an active lifestyle. It’s a titanium alloy, and because it’s able to return to its original shape after being bent or twisted, it’s flexibility is suited to those who spend their time out and about. 

Constantly bending and snapping your glasses? Flexon could be a good material for your frames.


Strong and resistant to corrosion, titanium is another popular option for those who want their thin metal glasses frames to last. 

If you have sensitive skin, titanium could be a smart choice if you want a metallic frame; its hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate your skin.


Titanium has evolved into one of the most desirable materials for all types of items.


If a metallic frame isn’t for you, you can experiment with colors by choosing acetate. Ideal for men and women who want to keep their look simple yet fashionable, these lightweight frames offer a sophisticated choice. 

Experiment with different colors and finishes for a style that suits you.

cat eye thin glasses frames
cat eye thin glasses frames

Balance practicality with style

Choosing eyeglass frames can be challenging when you have such a variety of styles to shop from. 

Now that you know about the different materials and colors to choose from, you can browse with confidence knowing that a pair of thin frame glasses allows you to enjoy the benefits of practicality while staying stylish.

Still need that extra confirmation about whether a pair suits you? Try out our easy-to-use Virtual Try-On tool

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