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    Oversized Prescription Glasses



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    Oversized Prescription Glasses

    Oversized glasses are the most eye-catching fashion statement in the eyewear industry. Browse through an array of frame shapes and sizes, from large square glasses to oval-shapes, and get ready to take center stage. This frame style will ensure you stand out and create a huge fashion statement, which can be either overt or subtle depending on the frame you select.


    Oversized women's glasses

    The chic factor of oversized women's glasses never runs dry and will make an impact on everyone around you. Pair your oversized frames with a formal suit for work, or your favorite pair of jeans. No matter what, oversized women's glasses will compliment your look and make you shine.


    Raise eyebrows with styles from luxury Cazal, iconic Gucci and glamorous Guess. Our exclusive selection of oversized women's glasses includes statement styles in round, rectangular and square shapes. Or, for a less flashy look, we have some dialed-down, high-quality oversized glasses just for you from our SmartBuy Collection and Arise Collective


    Read about our favorite oversized frames here.

    Oversized Prescription Glasses

    Once you select a pair of oversized prescription glasses, simply insert your prescription details at checkout and select the lens type you would like. Our top recommendation is the Arise HD Clarity lenses, as they offer great value for money with top-quality materials and supreme durability. If you have any questions about oversized prescription glasses lenses, you can reach out to our online opticians through the Optical Center or contact our unbeatable customer service team!


    Oversized blue light glasses

    Blue light is a color visible light spectrum that is emitted from digital screens, which can cause headaches, eye strain, and sleep issues. With zFORT® technology, you can feel protected from the negative side effects of blue light. Oversized blue light glasses are perfect to protect your eyes when working behind a laptop all day and will simultaneously make you look glamorous.

    How to wear oversized glasses

    Because oversized glasses are so prominent on your face, we recommend choosing a frame that complements your facial features. To understand your face shape, read our short guide. Unsure if oversized glasses will suit you? We have your back with the Virtual Try-On tool, which allows you to see how frames fit on your face virtually! Feel confident that the frame you choose will look perfect on you before you order.


    Where can I buy oversized prescription glasses?

    SmartBuyGlasses sells a range of oversized glasses for you to dazzle over, which includes a large selection of colors and patterns to choose from. Don’t forget, once you select your favorite pair, you can add your prescription to your oversized glasses. Check out our selection of oversized frames, filter your preference, and find your perfect pair today. Start shopping with SmartBuyGlasses and discover a frame that works for you.