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    Oval Prescription Glasses

    Oval glasses have softly curved lenses with a more minimalistic style than other frames. This iconic vintage look walks the line between classic circular-lens frames and sleek, narrow shapes, capturing elements of both. You are guaranteed to look on-trend and stylish with a pair of oval glasses. SmartBuyGlasses has hundreds of high-street brands for you to explore and find the perfect oval glasses frame.


    What face shape do oval glasses suit?

    Oval eyeglasses soften angular faces and accentuate facial features. They look great on every face shape, so don’t worry about oval glasses not suiting you! However, oval glasses suit people with square faces the most, drawing attention to your most robust features. The oval frame will contrast your angular features, making your best qualities shine.


    Oval prescription glasses

    Oval eyeglasses are available with prescription or non-prescription lenses, including oval reading glasses. So whether you need glasses to see clearly or just looking for an extra-stylish accessory, we’ve got you covered. Once you choose your frame, select ‘buy with prescription’ and enter your prescription details. If you need advice about your prescription read more here.


    Oval rimless glasses

    One of our most popular frames is oval rimless glasses, which improve your vision without overhauling your look. This frame accents your natural beauty, as your features won’t be buried under a thick rim. If you’re looking for lightweight, comfortable glasses, oval rimless glasses are the ideal frame for you. We've got you covered if you need a pair of oval reading glasses, oval rimless glasses, or oval prescription glasses. With designer brands like Tom Ford, IZIPIZI, and Gucci, you will feel spoiled for choice when buying with SmartBuyGlasses. Start shopping for your perfect pair of oval eyeglasses from the comfort of your own home today!