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Prescription Safety Glasses Buying Guide

How do safety glasses work? | Prescription safety glasses for work | Prescription safety glasses for sport | Prescription safety glasses: COVID-19 | Safety glasses and face coverings from smartbuyglasses: Best prescription safety glasses

If you've got imperfect vision and you also need to wear protective safety glasses for work or sport, you can combine your safety glasses with prescription lenses.
Prescription Safety Glasses Buying Guide

With lockdowns being lifted around the world, millions of prescription glasses wearers will be eager to spend more time outside in the coming weeks. As well as wearing masks, prescription safety glasses are a brilliant way of protecting yourself and your virus-vulnerable eyes on the go.

We’ve compiled a guide to the ins and outs of prescription safety glasses, as well as given a couple of pointers for where to buy them.

How do safety glasses work?

Safety glasses are built on a fairly simple concept: protecting the eyes as much as possible. This is generally done by covering or sealing the areas surrounding your eyes (like with wraparound prescription safety glasses or prescription safety glasses with side shields).

Usually made from polycarbonate or other durable plastics, safety glasses are a brilliant way to defend your eyes from irritants like chemicals or sawdust.

While they’re usually seen in laboratories or factories, the recent pandemic has created a new level of demand, allowing for a more diverse, competitive range of safety glasses on the market, e.g. prescription bifocal safety glasses. 

Prescription safety glasses for work

Different jobs have different requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE). Some activities may require side shields, goggles or even full face protection. In every country, there will be regulations in place to help determine which type of safety eyewear is most appropriate.

As a rule of thumb, jobs like carpentry, plumbing or machine work will require face protection; if you need a prescription anyway, purchasing prescription safety glasses is really important for your own (and your colleagues’) health and safety.


Safety glasses are commonly used in sports like racquetball and fishing.

Prescription safety glasses for sport

If you’re a prescription glasses wearer and you regularly take to the field, you should really consider prescription safety glasses like these from Progear. Having your full vision available could be key to winning a match or event – plus, there’s no risk of them falling off and breaking; the vast majority have elasticated head straps.

If they were good enough for professional sportsmen like Edgar Davids, you can bet they’ll help you out in games.

Prescription safety glasses: COVID-19

Since the start of 2020, people have rightfully been paying more attention to protective gear in casual or public settings. To slow the spread of COVID-19, the prevailing advice is to cover your ‘mucus membranes’ – i.e. your mouth and nose – with a face mask.

However, your eyes are still a very accessible point of entry for coronavirus. By switching from regular prescription glasses to prescription safety glasses (or even just using safety glasses that fit over prescription glasses like these), you can further take measures to protect yourself in high-risk settings.

Safety glasses and face coverings from SmartBuyGlasses: Best prescription safety glasses

Now that you’ve read about the necessity of safety glasses for different purposes, it’s important to know where to get prescription safety glasses online.

At SmartBuyGlasses, we sell a range of cheap prescription safety glasses and face masks – you can see if there’s anything you like by clicking here – we recommend these Salice safety glasses.

If you’re interested in knowing more about protective eyewear, read our guide to face shields here. Or, browse our selection of eye health content here

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