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Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

If you consider yourself a true outdoorsman or even an amateur outdoorsman, Costa Del Mar sunglasses are a great option for you. Costa Sunglasses were designed and made for those who don’t just enjoy spending their time on the water but come to life out there. The company was founded by fishermen, with a mission to make the sunglasses with the clearest vision possible. Each frame is designed with polarized lenses and color-enhancing technology. This is a great option for watersports as it reduces haze and increases visibility. These are the perfect sunglasses for adventure and getting wet-n-wild. Enjoy our selection of Costa sunglasses for men and women, everyone is invited for the adventure. 


Where are costa sunglasses made? 

The brand hails from one of the world’s biggest fishing capitals Daytona Beach, Florida. Where fishing and boat culture has created a need for intelligently designed and effective sunglasses to perform on the water. Their frames are designed in Daytona and their lines are produced in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Mauritius, all depending on the collection and style of the frame. The final touches are completed in Florida at the Costa Del Mar processing and finishing center. There they will add lenses and complete final quality checks. 


How to Clean Costa Sunglasses?

If you are consistently wearing your Costa Del Mar sunglasses out on the water you may need to clean and care for your frames. All Costa sunglasses are made from quality materials but still will require care if you are using them in the elements. Here is all you will need to know to properly care for your sunglasses to ensure they live a long and adventurous life.


It is critical to keep in mind where you store your frames, extreme temperatures over time can lead to brittleness and increased damage due to warping. It is best to keep them at an average room temp so as to not put any additional strain on the plastic and its structure.


Don’t be afraid to use your case! They come with your glasses for a reason, all Costa Del Mar sunglasses are delivered to you with a protective case to add to the longevity of your frames. This case is great as it can prevent bumps and tumbles while they are not being worn, and of course, help to prevent scratches. 


When it comes to actually cleaning your frames it is a good rule of thumb to give your frames a quick rinse with water before wiping them clean. This washes away salts from the ocean and sweat, along with other large pieces of debris. Now before you wipe, spray down your lenses with lens-grade cleaning fluid. This is a critical step as using other products like detergents will break down the lens coatings. Then use a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away any smudges or debris, in a gentle circular motion. Make sure to avoid cleaning lenses with clothing, tissue, any paper products because again they will break down lens coatings.


If you find that your sunglasses need a bit of repair, try not to fix anything you can’t handle. If you are unsure of how to proceed with repairs or don’t have the tools head to an eyewear professional and allow them to help with any adjustments. Things that you probably can do on your own include tightening hinge screws, this is a great way to maintain your frames. Consistent tightening reduces wear and tear on your hinges and only adds to the life of your favorite frames.


Where to buy Costa sunglasses?

If you don’t already own a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses you may be curious as to where to get a pair for yourself. Shop right here at SmartBuyGlasses.com and get our best price guarantee. On all of our frames, we promise to give the best price available, along with a 2-year warranty and 100-day hassle-free return. If you are not entirely in love with your new frames out on the water simply send them back our way. 


As soon as you have your new pair of frames selected it is time to head over to the checkout. Where you can enter your prescription details if you wish to add prescription lenses and your selection of lens coatings. If you have any questions throughout this process, reach out to our customer service team or ask a question to one of our opticians.


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