Oversized Glasses: Go Big or Go Home!

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The bigger, the better when it comes to oversized glasses!

Realistically, how big is too big? There is no such thing according to us! Glasses may be a small accessory, but they are a big deal – the right pair can boost your look and style. Oversized glasses reign king in the frame world, they scream for attention and can be completely outlandish, all while modestly covering your face. This style has come into vogue over the last few decades when ugly-chic and retro styles started to take the spotlight over traditional smaller prescription eyeglasses.

After spending the year inside, we have compiled a list of our favorite oversized looks, so you don’t have to and you can get back out there! We have put together a few styles that will work for anyone, both men’s and women’s oversized glasses frames:


Ray-Ban oversized wayfarer glasses 

Ray-Ban RX5387F Asian Fit 2012 – Ray-Ban glasses are a cult classic and one of the most famous optical brands out there today. It is no wonder we are picking their beloved oversized wayfarer glasses for our list. This oversized glasses frame is available in classic black, so they will match anyone’s style. This frame is perfect for daily wear, they look sharp at work or impressive for any occasion. The magic behind Ray-Ban is their ability to produce effortless cool for both men and women alike. They seem to always have their finger on the zeitgeist, and remain a favorite for the traditional and old school generation – these frames are for everyone and anyone. 


Gucci Oversized Glasses

Gucci GG0592O 001 – This pair of oversized Gucci glasses are simply – fun! We love the Gucci “granny chic” aesthetic. We had to include one of their oversized pairs on this list. The black plastic and gold metal frames are adorable and trendy. This look will look great styled up or down, the boxy shape is inspired. The thin “Y” shaped earpieces feature the classic “GG” Gucci logo in a pale gold tone and a black and gold striped pattern. If the iconic Gucci look is what you are after, pair your oversized prescription glasses with an ornately designed scarf or earpiece chain. These frames will truly be a statement piece for anyone’s wardrobe.


Oversized Reading Glasses

SmartBuy Collection Denny X9815-4 C1 – Looking for a pair for reading? These might be the frames for you! These glasses are high-quality, low-cost, perfect for reading glasses. The SmartBuy Collection prides itself on being the most affordable option for its customers. These glasses are constructed of metal and available in either gold or silver, these are the perfect prescription reading glasses. They feature an adjustable nose pad bridge, guaranteeing comfort for long wears and unmatched durability. These glasses are very affordable and stylish, ideal for reading at night or taking with you on the go! 


Oversized Round Glasses

Chloe CE 2743 218Oversized round prescription glasses have been a phenomenon for decades. These Chloe glasses are only adding to the fan fair. The tortoise frames with thicker lateral detailing make for a standout option. These are truly a statement piece and will set you out amongst the crowd. These oversized circle glasses can be worn to work or for leisure, we recommend pairing them with a fun glasses chain accessory. This frame is lightweight, made of acetate and is sure to be comfortable for longer wear. No matter the situation these frames will have you looking inspired.  


Oversized Cat Eye Glasses

Arise Collective Duquesne C2 Blue-Light Block YC-21007 – These oversized cat eye prescription glasses are on the smaller side, they offer a clean classic cat eye frame that will work for all occasions. This pair of glasses are acetate, which makes them lightweight and comfortable to sport. We recommend these transparent brown frames to anyone looking for a crisp, yet modern look. Arise Collective is an eyewear brand that strives to improve the world while also delivering high-quality, fashionable, and affordable glasses. With men and women in mind this collection is designed for those who want to protect their vision while also contributing to social causes.


Affordable Oversized Glasses

SmartBuy Collection Laurie OF8852 Green – These oversized prescription glasses are the perfect fit for a funky look. These transparent, green glasses are made of durable plastic and feature a round retro shape, perfect for anyone who wants to be fashionable on a budget! We recommend these both for reading glasses or everyday prescription glasses. 


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