5 Styles to Wear for International Cinema Day

By Patrick Conroy

Woman wearing large sunglasses and large yellow hat

International Cinema Day falls on the 28th of December this year. The timing ties in nicely with the annual raft of movies released over the holiday period, and of course, the Christmas gift-giving tradition.

Cinema has a rich history of trendsetting and rendering styles iconic, be that in the form of hairdos, clothing, footwear, or even glasses

If you’ve still got a few names to tick off your Christmas shopping list and are stuck for ideas, or maybe you just feel like treating yourself to a new pair of shades, you could do a lot worse than choosing one of the following film-inspired styles.

Pilot shapes

One of, if not the most recognisable sunglasses shapes out there, pilot glasses have a long and storied history. Initially developed for US Air Force pilots, the Ray-Ban Aviator is the best-selling sunglasses model of all time.

Its universal appeal inspired a whole host of imitations from other brands. The style had already been around for about 50 years when it received a big popularity boost in the 1980s after starring in one of the decade’s biggest blockbusters.

In a film about two all-American fighter pilots, the costume department had an easy time finding the perfect eyewear for the protagonist.

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Round metal frames

Round metal frames are one of the easiest ways to give your look a scholarly update. A classic design, there’s an almost universally shared perception of circular lenses held in place by thin metal rims; studious, bookish, and academic.

They also have a certain “young boy who’s discovered that he comes from a long line of wizards and has magical powers” kind of vibe to them. 

If you’d rather channel your inner “Italian hitman living in New York who befriends a recently orphaned girl and helps her avenge the murder of her parents”, then opt for black-tinted lenses.

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Square and suave

Equally as classic as their round counterparts, square glasses have been a style mainstay for decades and exude class, professionalism, and intelligence.

Their simplicity also gives them an everyman quality, so nobody will doubt for a second that you’re a mere journalist at a local newspaper, and not a crime-fighting superhero from another planet.

Just as long as you take them off when changing into your blue jumpsuit and red cape.

Cat-eye chic

Cat-eye frames were designed in the 1930s to give women a chance to express their femininity through their eyewear. There was a dearth of feminine options at the time, so Altina Schinasi set about creating the striking new shape with its signature upsweep.

The cat-eye grew in popularity, hitting its peak in the 50s and 60s and becoming the toast of Tinseltown, ubiquitous on film sets, the red carpet, and industry parties alike. A surefire way to add some nostalgic, cinematic glamor to any look.

Angular modernity

Film characters often resonate with us because they’ve got roughly two hours of our undivided attention, in which they charm us, show us their human flaws and redeeming qualities, and, quite often, save the day.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll have the same kind of opportunity to wow an adoring public, you can still grab people’s attention by standing out from the crowd. Geometric frames are great for this. Their angular form contrasts sharply against more conventional, historical shapes.

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And for now, they haven’t yet been ingrained in cinema lore and eternally associated with any particular character, so why not get ahead of the curve and start wearing them before everyone else does?

The world of film is a fantastic source of style inspiration. The chances are, if you’ve ever spotted a pair of shades on-screen that took your fancy, you’ll find them – or something very similar – among our vast selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Start browsing now and see for yourself!

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