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Bottega Veneta Purple lens color Sunglasses

Bottega Veneta was founded in Vicenza, Italy, in 1966. One of the world's largest and most luxurious fashion houses, it is known for its ready-to-wear fashion, handbags, shoes, jewelry, and eyewear. Bottega Veneta sunglasses are highly sought after and a must-have accessory for men and women everywhere. 


Bottega Veneta sunglasses for men and women perfectly combine modern luxury and timeless style. The craftsmanship that goes into each pair of sunglasses is truly unmatched. Not only are Bottega Veneta frames made from premium quality materials, but the wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes allows you to find the perfect pair for your style. The collection features everything from dainty Bottega Veneta round sunglasses to bold geometric shapes.


How to wear Bottega Veneta oversized sunglasses 

Bottega Veneta oversized frames are an ideal choice if you want to stand out. For a casual day out, try wearing them with a T-shirt and jeans, or style them with a dress or jumpsuit for a more sophisticated look. If you want to make an even bolder statement, try Bottega Veneta wrap-around sunglasses with a blazer and trousers. 


Who owns Bottega Veneta sunglasses?

Since 2001, Kering, a French-based multinational corporation specializing in luxury goods, has owned Bottega Veneta. With its headquarters in Italy, Bottega Veneta has expanded and now has stores worldwide. 


Do Bottega Veneta sunglasses have UV protection?

Yes! Bottega Veneta sunglasses feature advanced lens technology offering optimum protection against UV rays. With quality and clarity as a priority, the polycarbonate lenses have a special anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating to ensure your sunglasses look as good as new season after season. 


At SmartBuyGlasses, you can also add your prescription to Bottega Veneta lenses. It's quick and easy and lets you wear fashionable sunglasses while correcting your vision. Now you no longer have to avoid statement-making sunglasses for dull prescription sunglasses. Use our Virtual Try-On tool and try on those fun Bottega Veneta green sunglasses you've been eyeing! 


Bold, lightweight, and comfortable, it's time to invest in a pair of Bottega Veneta sunglasses. With a large selection of frames, there is bound to be something to bring out your style. Add a little luxury to your collection with a new pair of sunglasses by Bottega Veneta!