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    Wraparound Prescription Glasses


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    Wraparound Prescription Glasses

    If you’re on the lookout for a quality pair of wraparound glasses, you’re in the right place. SmartBuyGlasses sells a large range of wraparound glasses in various colors and patterns with an endless choice of designer brands, from Oakley to Adidas, Progear to Wiley X. When you shop with us, you’ll feel spoiled for choice.


    What are wraparound glasses?

    Wraparound glasses, also known as wraparound safety glasses, provide coverage for direct and indirect areas of vision and extend around the side of your eye to protect them from debris and light. Wraparound eyeglasses showcase a sporty look, as the frames curve around your head to create a wider field of vision and improved fit. If you’re an athlete who relies on peripheral vision for optimal performance, wraparound eyeglasses are the frame type for you.


    Can prescription glasses be wraparound?

    You can add prescription to wraparound eyeglasses to have the safety benefits without sacrificing your vision. However, please check the ‘curvature’ in the product description, because if the base curve is 6 or above, or if you have a very high prescription (below -6.00 or above +4.00) we cannot fit the prescription lenses to the wraparound frame.


    If you need an updated prescription, please visit your local optician for an eye test. However, if you need to know your current prescription, make use of our popular Lens Scanner, which reveals your current prescription in minutes. And, before you make the leap and order your wraparound prescription glasses, use our Virtual Try-On on selected frames to see if they suit you! All you need is your phone, a laptop or computer, and a magnetic card to get started. Now that you know more, it’s time to get shopping and discover your ideal pair of wraparound eyeglasses.