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    Wayfarer Prescription Glasses

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    Wayfarer Prescription Glasses

    Wayfarer glasses are probably the most recognizable, classic eyewear shape out there. SmartBuyGlasses has a whole host of Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses frames for you to start exploring in a diverse range of colors and patterns. Want to know more about Wayfarer glasses? Let’s get started.


    What are Wayfarer glasses?

    Wayfarer glasses are typically rectangular and are well-suited for people with oval-shaped faces. These frames suit oval faces because the full-frame matches the width of the face, creating a complementary contrast to a more circular face dimension. Check out our helpful guide if you’re unsure about your face shape! 


    Are Wayfarer glasses still in style?

    There’s no shortage of eyewear shapes, but Wayfarer glasses are in a league of their own. As the original trendsetter, Wayfarer glasses frames have been iconic for a century, remaining one of the most popular prescription glasses styles today. Ray-Ban is the most well-renowned brand which has excelled Wayfarers to the front of the eyewear industry. If you choose Wayfarer glasses as your next eyewear shape, don’t worry about going out of style anytime soon.


    Wayfarer prescription glasses

    Once you choose your ideal Wayfarer glasses frames, you can add your prescription at the checkout. At this stage, you can transform your frames into Wayfarer blue light glasses. Wayfarer blue light glasses are perfect if you spend a lot of your day looking at digital screens, as zFORT® technology blocks harmful blue light from getting to your eyes. Look good, see clearly, and don’t let digital technology harm your eyes with Wayfarer blue light glasses.

    You can accessorize your Wayfarer glasses with any outfit. Whether you want a formal or casual look, Wayfarers add the cherry on top. If you aren’t sure whether the Wayfarer glasses frames will suit you, give our Virtual Try-On tool a go and try them on digitally! Start exploring our online range today from the comfort of your own home.