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SmartBuy Kids Glasses

SmartBuy Kids glasses collection specializes in kids' eyeglasses that are durable and come in a variety of fun colors that your children will love. Each frame comes with FREE 1.5 prescription lenses making sure all children and teenagers can find practical long-lasting eyeglasses. 


Recommendations for Kids Glasses Frames

The collection is suitable for children aged 2 years old through to teenagers. All frames are affordable yet very durable allowing all wearers to see clearly whilst having fun. Choose from trendy and candy-like colors to classic styles including square, oval and wraparound frames. Below we have a few recommendations of frames for your kids.


SmartBuy Kids Little Eleanor PK10H - These cute kids glasses are the perfect back-to-school frames. This pair is a happy pale-yellow in a classic shape that is going to style well with any outfit or occasion. This style is available in a wide variety of bright colors sure to please any boy or girl. This frame is made of durable plastic, ensuring all-day comfort for our full-time glasses wearers


SmartBuy Kids Alison PK1E - Looking for some cool kids glasses? Look no further, these are the ultimate pair of cool. The classic frame shape and bold black are sure to make a great addition to any outfit or occasion. We love these because they are made of high-quality durable plastic and are available at a low price. We know finding the right frames for kids can be tough, but this pair is sure to please. This pair is also available in a variety of colors should your kid love the frames, but want something a little more fun!


SmartBuy Kids Sinamban K1 - Do you have a toddler or very little one that needs corrective lenses? These are the perfect pair for them. This pair is made perfect for very young wearers, the hinge is made with a rubberized grip to allow easy application of the frames. So little, weaker fingers can place them on with some ease. The frames are lined with rubberized padding to ensure comfort for your new glasses wearer. Allowing them to sport them while at rest or play. This style of frames is available in a few colorways, pick from options that are bright and fun or more classic like black. No matter the case these frames are a great comfortable option that won’t break the bank.


SmartBuy Kids Krobus AM73B - Online kids glasses are not always easy to pick from, this is a great option if your child is older and verging on teenage years. This frame is more grown-up and features a tortoiseshell pattern and finish that is sure to impress in and out of the classroom. The frame has a rounded shape that is very fitting for most face shapes, particularly faces with sharper features. This frame is made of a combination of durable high-grade plastic and metal, making for a remarkably comfortable fit. The nose bridge does feature a padless frame, which is ideal for most nose bridges. 


Affordable Glasses

Does your kid need glasses, but they keep breaking or losing them? We offer high-quality, cheap kids glasses. We understand the challenges that come with owning a pair of frames and especially when it comes to kids. It is great to know you can order kids glasses online and get them fast and at a reasonable price. We offer a 2-year warranty and 100-day return policy, so if you are not satisfied with them you have plenty of time to return. Shopping for kids glasses online is not always straightforward as knowing the right size can be a challenge. We have a few shopping guides and tools that can ease the process and get you the right pair for your child. Maybe your child needs just reading glasses, here is a helpful guide to determine their needs. Or perhaps your child doesn’t need corrective lenses, then blue light glasses might be the right option for them.


Blue Light Kids Glasses

Even if your children don’t need corrective lenses, we recommend blue light glasses if your little one spends time behind a screen. Blue light has been proven harmful to the eye causing symptoms like fatigue, eye strain, headaches, and trouble sleeping. During the transition to schooling online it has been more important than ever to make sure spending time online is as harmless as possible. At checkout make sure you select the zFORT® blue light blocking lens coating on your kids glasses. 


SmartBuyGlasses Initiative

SmartBuy Kids is also a proud partner of the World Vision Mother & Child health program in Zambia. For every pair of SmartBuy Kids purchased, on, we have committed a portion of the sale towards the mother and child health program in Zambia. The partnership helps - eliminate preventable child deaths, save the lives of expecting mothers and help ensure these children survive, thrive, and reach their full potential. We want to do our best to provide quality glasses to our customers and provide opportunities for the world we live in.