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Mr Leight Prescription Glasses

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Mr Leight Prescription Glasses

If you’re a fan of Hollywood, it’ll be love at first sight when you see Mr Leight glasses frames. Each frame exhibits intricate details that make up its own character, just like the personalities you find in film. 


Such detailing is achieved through the finest craftsmanship. While the ideas are formed in sunny California, the engineering takes place in Japan. The craftsmen have worked with Mr Leight for years, and know exactly how to capture the sense of tradition in each and every accessory. All frames are constructed with the most durable materials to ensure they last you for years to come. Such quality additionally guarantees comfort, even if you’re wearing glasses all day, every day. As if that wasn’t enough, exquisite attention to detail goes into every little embellishment. The result is a fluid design that represents a harmony of contemporary and classic designs. 


So how did such a luxurious brand come to be? It’s a family business. Father and son work together to create a look that spans generations, perfecting the balance between tradition and innovation. They are passionate about making every piece as individual as it is beautiful, bringing diverse cultural references together in their designs. Garret and Larry are both true perfectionists who love to combine their expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to create the most inspired optical frames.


If you like the sound of Mr Leight frames, try them on with our virtual tool. The feature will alert you to your face shape so that you can find the best frame for you. Then you can purchase with confidence, knowing that you are guaranteed the lowest price. Once at the checkout, simply upload your prescription details, and the lenses will be expertly inserted by us. Don’t forget to add a blue light coating too to protect against digital eye strain. If they aren’t quite right, panic not, you have 100 days to return and a two year warranty.