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    Arise Collective Glasses

    Arise Collective is a passionate brand focused on high-quality eyewear that is both stylish and affordable with the aim to promote building a better world. Designed for both men and women, their blue block collection is here to serve and improve eye health. Blue light can be harmful when overexposed, all lenses in this assortment come with blue light blocking coating. Yes, the brand is inexpensive, but these blue light glasses are crafted in Italy for premium quality and provide the most popular styles and shapes. 


    What are blue light glasses?

    Blue light glasses are frames that come with a unique coating, like our zFORT® coating, to prevent the effects of blue light. UV light is emitted naturally for the sun and does not cause harm, in fact, it is recommended to get a certain amount of blue light. However, too much or prolonged exposure is harmful and leads to many common symptoms like headache, eye strain, fatigue, and trouble sleeping. Think back on all of the time you spend behind screens, on your laptop, scrolling on your phone, or playing video games. This exposure could be easily prevented by sporting a pair of protective lenses. 


    Arise Blue Block Collection

    Arise Collective carries blue block frames in nearly all styles including clear frame glasses, square glasses frames, and oval glasses. With the Blue Block collection, you can protect your eyes in style. No matter if you are working in the office or checking your phone at home, Arise Collective has plenty of high-quality blue light filter glasses to choose from. Shop online now and get the most affordable glasses that not only look great but protect your eyes.


    Recommendations for Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Need some help finding the best blue light blocking glasses? We have a few of our best sellers and staff favorites for both men and women. Look through and see if any of our frames are right for you.


    Arise Collective Kochi Blue Light Lens 013 - These frames made of quality acetate are the perfect processional pair of glasses. They feature a round shape and full-rim that are sure to go with any outfit. The color is dark tortoiseshell and crafted out of the finest materials. These come with blue light blocking lenses and offer up as some of the best blue light glasses out there. 


    Arise Collective Jackson Blue Light 002 - Need a classic and refined frame? These might be the frames perfect for you. The Jackson frame comes in a square shape and features a dark tortoise color and matte finish. We love these if you are looking for something simple with quality, these are made of acetate. Meaning they are going to live a long time with you, they are durable and timeless. 


    Arise Collective Tulsa Blue Light 001 - Just looking for blue light reading glasses? These are a great option if you need a smart and simple pair of specs for reading. Featuring a simple square shape, these frames will stylishly fit on most face shapes as it has a slightly round design. The frames are made of acetate, a material known for its durability and quality finish. You and your glasses will live out happily and comfortably together. These frames are lightweight and perfect for longer wear. Take them to work, on the go, and of course at home. 


    Arise Collective Utah Blue Light 008 - These are a favorite! The Utah frame is a smart and classic shape and design poised to be ideal for all occasions. Get excited to sport these everywhere where you encounter screens. Take these to work or at your home office, then use them while you are on your phone or leisurely viewing a movie or show. The frames come in a dark tortoiseshell with a hint of deep blue, they are a fun option if you like subtle color. They feature a square full-rim frame and offer up a fun kick at the corners. The slight cat-eye shape is a fun way to add character to any look, professional or casual. 


    Shopping with SmartBuyGlasses

    Did you just fall in love with a pair of frames on our site? Amazing! At the checkout, you can begin to personalize your lenses by entering your prescription and any other lens coatings you might need, like our anti-glare or anti-scratch finishes. If you find yourself unsure of your selection, don’t stress we have you covered. All of our prescription requests are checked by a certified optician and if there is anything off about your order we will reach out to you and help to find you the right fit. Or if you want to ask us any questions, reach out to us. All of our frames come with a twenty-four-month warranty and hassle-free 100-day return. We hope you are fully satisfied with your order, but on the off chance you are not just reach out to us


    Need blue light glasses for kids? Shop here for kids' frames and add our zFORT® coating.


    Our passion is making shopping for anti blue light glasses with us easy! Explore what we have to offer! Our shopping guides and articles are a great resource to find all things optical, check out our blog to get up-to-date on current trends and shopping help. Plus our Optical Center is full of informative eye health-related content. Welcome to eyewear made simple.