Thick Frame Glasses: Chunky and Hot

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One of the more iconic optical looks is brought to you by thick frame glasses. Thick frames seem to have been around since the dawn of eyewear, but the fan fair is alive and well. Let’s explore some options we love. Of course, paying homage to our beloved traditional looks. Then venturing out to some eccentric, more avant-garde thick frames that any modern trend seeker would drool over. 

Here we have a few looks put together, we truly believe anyone can sport the thick frame glasses look. And so, we have an assortment that will be appreciated both by the many and by the few! 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Thick Frame Glasses

Thick Frame Glasses

Ray-Ban RX5121 Original Wayfarer 2000 – If you are looking for traditional black glasses, these are the ones for you! Ray-Ban’s Original Wayfarer frames are the perfect mix of old-school and timeless. The versatility of the frames speaks for itself, so no matter the situation, you will look just right. These sturdy plastic frames are great for all-day wear due to their plastic material. Ray-Ban is an easy option for someone just getting into thinker or more bold eyeglasses. 

Balenciaga Big Frame Glasses

Thick Frame Glasses

Balenciaga BA5079 056 – Look regal in this pair of Balenciaga eyeglasses. This pair is rich in character, as these frames stem from the inspiration and tastes of Spanish royalty. If you think big frame glasses are more your fashion, these are perfect. The larger size is quite practical as they are open to all points of your vision. The thick rim glasses may look heavy to the eye, they are designed to be lightweight and rest comfortably on your face. 

Black Rim Glasses by Marc Jacobs 

Thick Frame Glasses

Marc Jacobs MARC 471 807 – These frames are the right amount of thick! This pair of frames are rich black and feature a “pilot” shape. Black rim glasses are always going to appear thicker than they are, and this frame has struck the right balance. These are sleek, modern, and a little unconventional. The acetate frame is comfortable and made with a non-slip bridge. This pair ensures a comfortable fit and an inventive look. If you’re curious if this “out there” frame is right for you? Try-out our virtual try-on tool and see how they might look on!

Dolce & Gabbana’s Half-Rim Look

Thick Frame Glasses

Dolce & Gabbana DG5045 501 – These half-rim glasses are a fun take on the thick rim look. The upper portion of the frames is exaggerated with a slight butterfly shape. The bottom portion is more understated, made of thin pink gold material, creating an aesthetically balanced look. Certainly, we suggest these to anyone with more delicate features as these frames will accentuate, rather than overtake your face. Additively, these are the perfect frames for extended, due to their material. Great for the office or day-to-day looks. 

SmartBuy Collection Thick Rim Frames

SmartBuy Collection Poppy A95F – Desiring a more subtle thick rim frame? These might be the glasses for you! These frames are great for everyday wear due to the tasteful design, featuring a round shape and blue detailing. They are ideal for reading glasses, place a blue light blocking coating like zFORT® and turn any frame easily into computer glasses. These are a low-cost option as the SmartBuy Collection is known for being an affordable option if you seek the designer look without the designer price. 

Arise Collective Clear Thick Rimmed Frames

Arise Collective Montluçon C4 Blue-Light Block YC-28007 – If you are searching for a unique take on the thick rimmed glasses, these frames might be up your alley. The Arise Collective frames are made of high-quality transparent plastic with a grey-green tint. We like these because they offer a chunky, yet light look. There is an easy butterfly shape that offers great visibility, paired with the lightweight material, these frames make for comfortable stylish wear. 

Tom Ford Thick Black Frames

Thick Frame Glasses

Tom Ford FT5634-B Blue-Light Block 001 – Now if we had to pick a designer that has perfected the thick black rim glasses look, it has to be Tom Ford, hands down. His designs are unmatched in the thick frame world, the brand deeply understands how to balance a heavy pair of frames. Above all we picked these frames for our list specifically because of the browline, it is hard and thick but offers a slight curve that naturally accentuates the brow. These frames are the ultimate thick frame glasses because they are so basic and intelligently designed. You could easily call them a masterpiece, looks aside these frames are going to be comfortable, they are made of a sturdy plastic that won’t weigh these down. Tom Ford has done it again!


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Thick Frame Glasses: Chunky and Hot

One of the more iconic optical looks is brought to you by thick frame glasses. Thick frames seem to have been around since the...