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What Are Gaming Glasses?

What are gaming glasses and what do gaming glasses do? | Why are gaming glasses yellow? | What are gaming glasses used for? | How do gaming glasses work? | Do gaming glasses ruin your eyes? | Which glasses are best for gaming? | Conclusion

Gamers spend a lot of time in front of their screens, so gaming glasses were developed to help reduce the adverse affects of all that screen time. Learn all about how they work in this article.
What are Gaming Glasses

What are gaming glasses and how do they really work is a very frequent question we hear, well here’s a little insight…Wonder what it’s like to game with fewer eye irritations and distractions? According to gaming statistics by, there are an astonishing 3.24 billion active gamers.

With these statistics rising, and competition increasing, there are still many gamers unaware of how much eye health radically impacts their gaming efficiency. It’s not just about your vision…

Technology is developing and so is the way we game. If you’re looking for ways to change the way you play, to compete with rarer eye annoyances, then read on to find out the keys to the performance that gamers wish they had known before.

In this article, you will have all of your gaming glasses questions answered. We will touch on what gaming glasses do, what they’re used for, what the best gaming glasses are, and how your eye health may skyrocket when using them, whilst fixed at a screen.

What are gaming glasses and what do gaming glasses do?

What are Gaming Glasses
What are Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses are eyewear that has been specifically crafted for those who game. From the body of the frames to the lenses of the gaming glasses, these factors contribute to making gaming glasses what they are, and to help gamers perform to the best of their ability due to fewer eye irritations.

Gaming glasses have been primarily made to reduce blue light exposure, to avoid digital eye strain, and reduce glare with their anti-glare lenses. Gaming glasses come with yellow-tinted lenses, which is also one of the biggest contributors that enable gamers to play harder and to achieve more, which we will discuss later in the article.

So, what do gaming glasses do? There are a few key elements involved in gaming lenses that play different roles into what they do.

Finding the best gaming glasses is a great idea if you spend hours a day behind a screen. Gaming glasses are similar to computer glasses, both working to filter out blue light emitted from screens on common pieces of tech.

They work by neutralizing the hue of blue light with a warmer tint. The lenses also enhance colors on the screen, as well as decrease glare from their anti-glare lenses, which is one of the most common complaints by gamers.

If you decide to game without a pair of Gaming Glasses that protect you from blue light, you’re increasing your chances of digital eye strain, lack of sleep, and a potential increase in headaches.  Sleep is the key to the body rejuvenating itself, and without it, we lack concentration, and our ability to do normal daily tasks can be impacted.

Gaming lenses also come with computer radiation UV400, which completely eliminates UV exposure to your eyes. Long exposure to these UV rays could cause short and long-term damage to your eyes.

Long-term effects of not wearing UV400 protection could include damage to the retina, cataracts, or even cancer to the eyes or eyelids.

Overall, the aim of gaming glasses is to protect the eyes, as well as helping you to see colors vividly. The glasses are also popular as they reduce glare, and come with comfortable frames and nose pads that hug the face, allowing you to game to the best of your ability, due to fewer interruptions.


The yellow tint that gaming glasses have lowers color intensity on the screen, allowing for clearer vision.

Why are gaming glasses yellow?

What are Gaming Glasses
What are Gaming Glasses

In comparison to a clear lens, a yellow-tinted lens can filter up to 65% of blue light. The yellow lens is also the ingredient to minimizing screen glare, due to the added anti-glare coated lenses.

This is not something a clear lens will do. A yellow lens will also lower the intensity of the colors radiating from your screen, which will allow you to see clearly when gaming.

What are gaming glasses used for?

Gaming glasses are commonly worn for intense gaming sessions, and for professional gaming, typically used with computer screens.

What are Gaming Glasses
What are Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses are recommended for anyone who spends over a couple of hours a day consistently fixated at a digital screen with no breaks in between. 

Gaming glasses aren’t just for those who play with computer or tv screens, they are also commonly used for all digital devices that you can game on. This could also include gaming on an iPad or smartphone.

Eyes need to be protected no matter what device is being used, and if you can increase your performance due to increased eye protection, then you can see why gaming glasses are worn by so many.

How do gaming glasses work?

What are Gaming Glasses
What are Gaming Glasses

If you can imagine a person gaming for numerous hours without gaming glasses, compared to someone with gaming glasses, then the results would be evident. 

Someone who plays games without gaming glasses is highly likely to have to take regular breaks due to feeling fatigued from lack of sleep and increased headaches (potentially because of blue light).

They may also have significant interruptions whilst gaming, such as eye rubbing and blurriness, due to digital eye strain. All of these factors in small snippets can affect your gaming performance, and if you’re gaming professionally, these side effects can cause big devastation.

Do gaming glasses ruin your eyes?

There are no negative side effects to wearing your gaming glasses, in fact, only positive with the blue light, anti-glare, and UV protection they provide.

You can use your gaming glasses without a prescription, however, if you need a prescription and use your gaming glasses without prescription lenses, it might cause you eye strain and increased headaches.

At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll be able to add your personal prescription at checkout to all gaming glasses, to avoid these potential problems.

Which glasses are best for gaming?

Some gaming glasses come with clear lenses or almost unrecognizable tinted lenses. The key is to have all the benefits with your gaming glasses.

For this, it’s highly recommended to make sure that your gaming glasses are blue light protected, have a visible yellow/orange tint to the lenses, are durable, crafted from high-quality materials, and are made for comfort. Without these elements, gaming glasses simply wouldn’t be gaming glasses.


Gaming glasses have been made to increase eye protection, which allows you to game as intensely as possible with no eye irritations.

The science-based lenses have been made to improve sleep and digital eye strain, from reduced blue light penetration, and a UV block of 100%. If you game for fun or professionally on any digital device and are looking to play with maximized power, then gaming glasses could be the solution for you.

If you have found this article informative, and are certain about wanting to protect your eyes whilst gaming,  go check out our gaming glasses at SmartBuyGlasses now!

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