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Wayfarer Sunglasses

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Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is an iconic sunglasses style that evokes effortless sophistication and echoes early Hollywood glam. The wayfarer sunglasses style is a popular frame from the ever-iconic optical brand Ray-Ban.


What are wayfarer sunglasses?

Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses grew to popularity post-WWII with the launch in 1952. James Dean was spotted wearing them along with Audrey Hepburn, catapulting the frames onto faces everywhere, instantly becoming a recognizable icon of old Hollywood and American culture. 


These frames are historically and presently relevant, Michael Jackson chose Wayfarer glasses for his Bad tour, which was recorded as the highest-attended tour in history. Up until today, Ray-Ban continued to reinvent itself providing new ways to fall in love with the style and brand. They now come in various colors, tints, patterns that capture the imaginations of all generations alike. 


How to Pick Your Wayfarer Frames?

The classic shape of the Wayfarer is a rectangle, this shape and style are ideal for people with oval faces as the wideness of the frame can match and compliment the width of the face. A round face shape is a fantastic fit for the Wayfarer style as the square shape of the frames contrasts the roundness of your face. Now, Wayfarers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with a wide variety of options here on SmartBuyGlasses, there is something that will work with nearly all face shapes


To find the right fit, it is important to know how they should be proportioned on your face. They should fit and look balanced, not too narrow or too large.


Wayfarer frames come in a wide variety of colors and tones that compliment all complections and hair colors. Whether you have warm or cool tones, a high or low contrast face, there is something that will pair perfectly with everyone. 


How to Spot Fake Ray-Ban Wayfarers?

There are a few tell-tale signs that your new frames may not be completely genuine. One of the best ways to identify is with look and feel, typically Ray-Ban frames feel durable and smooth. You should notice a substantial weight and feel purposeful design. The fit should be perfect and the temples should feel smooth when they open. When you place your frames on they should feel sturdy, if you notice a flimsy feel or don’t have a smooth texture then they might be fake. 


An easy giveaway that your glasses may be fake is the lenses. The right lens should have a distinct Ray-Ban logo with crisp clear detailing - if there isn’t a clear edge it is a fake. Each temple of your sunglasses should feature a prominent, raised logo. Inside of each temple, there should be details referring to the model and the country of origin. The left temple should have the model number and the size, on the opposite side, the right temple will say “Wayfarer” and “Hand Made in Italy.'' Fakes can be easily spotted this way as they don’t always feature the right information or the information at all. Remember quality! If the markings look blurred or off, they are likely fakes. 


Further, the hinges on a pair of Wayfarer glasses are special, they have metal hinges with interlaced prongs. There are going to be 7 total in an alternating fashion, attaching these hinges are two metal studs. You can identify a fake if the hinges don’t have the right number of prongs, feel low-quality, or if they are not made of metal.  


Packaging for Ray-Ban is very identifiable, coming in an authentic Ray-Ban box with the Ray-Ban logo. A trick sometimes used by clever counterfeits is placing fake frames in authentic packaging and cases. This can doup many consumers into believing they bought the real deal. Make sure you don’t fall for any of these tricks now that you know how to spot a faux pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames. 


How to get Wayfarer glasses?

Wondering how to get a pair of wayfarer sunglasses for yourself? Shop right here at SmartBuyGlasses.com and experience our best price guarantee. Checkout knowing you are getting the best price on your new pair of Wayfarers. We love to boast about our 24-month warranty and 100-day hassle-free return. So, if you are not completely satisfied with your order, you can easily send it back to us.  


Once you have picked out your pair of Wayfarer frames, head to checkout where you can upgrade your lenses. Add an extra layer of protection with our selection of coatings or enter your prescription details to make your new sunnies prescription sunglasses. If you have any questions or need some assistance with your prescription or lenses, reach out to us and one of our customer service representatives or opticians will assist to ensure you get precisely what you need.


Don’t miss out on the latest content on our Blog and Optical Center, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and eye health-related articles. We have you covered on all things optical. 


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