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Kate Spade Sunglasses


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Kate Spade Sunglasses

Kate Spade eyewear is a collection of glamorous, sophisticated and chic frames that have been worn by celebrities like Kate Middleton and Jessica Alba. Their unique styles convey a high-fashion feel, while our premium quality lenses provide crystal clear vision. Choose from our collection of Kate Spade sunglasses available in many colors.

An American luxury fashion design house, Kate Spade New York is founded by Kate and Andy Spade in January 1993. Kate Spade is the brand's line for women whilst Jack Spade is the brand's line for men. Kate Spade launched with six essential handbags in 1993. Shortly after the initial products were released, more collections came out and it included glasses, jewelry, and other accessories. Today, Kate Spade is a global life and style house.

Kate Spade offers a wide collection of handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry, home decor, and of course, eyewear. Kate Spade prides in thoughtful details. Its designs include a layer of polished ease looks. According to the brand, modern and sophisticated colors make a personal style statement all their own.

Of course, Kate Spade sunglasses are exceptionally crafted. Most popular pieces include the Kate Spade Amaya/S and the Kate Spade Gayla/S.

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