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Carrera Purple lens color Sunglasses

Prepare to go full throttle with a fast and exciting jump into the story of Carrera sunglasses, brought to you by the only SmartBuyGlasses.


If you are on the lookout for some thrilling, fast-filled, and bold eyewear then you are on the right track! Carrera sunglasses began its adventure in the early 50s, the name taking inspiration from a famous auto race. A brand always on the fast track to delivering authentic and creative eyewear for men, women, and children. 


The Carrera brand began as sportswear by developing numerous goggles and ski masks. Throughout the 60s, the brand grew more popular and improved the materials and durability of the products before its new line of Carrera sunglasses. 


This new line of Carrera sunglasses boomed in the 70s after the brand partnered with a vehicle designer giving birth to a unique and electrifying collection: the Carrera Porsche Design. 


Since Carrera sunglasses headquarters was moved to Italy in the 90s, more and more athletes’ and celebrities’ attention was caught by these racing sunglasses


From there onwards, Carrera sunglasses have become one of the most popular brands for individuals with passion and drive. What better pair of sunglasses to match your free and rebellious spirit?

Carrera Purple lens color Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

In the 70s, Carrera sunglasses was renamed to Carrera international and moved to Austria, and soon after began the partnerships that brought Carrera Porsche Design.


Then in the 90s Carrera was bought by the Safilo Group and moved its headquarters to Padova, Italy. The Safilo Group has been around since the late 1800s and has prided itself in designing and manufacturing from sunglasses, eyeglasses to even helmets. The Safilo Group had a global presence and the Carrera Collection is composed of the Carrera Flag, Carrera Signature, and Carrera Active. You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd with a pair of Carrera sunglasses. 

When buying a pair of Carrera sunglasses you’ll find that they all have UV protection. There are some variations as to what level the UV filter can be. 


UV filters can be divided into 5 categories:


• Category 0 means that 80-100% of UV light will pass through the lenses • Category 1 will allow 43-80% of UV light to pass through • Category 2 allows 18-43% of UV light • Category 3 will allow only 8-18% • Category 4 only allows 3-8% of UV light to pass through


However, the best UV protection you can find is UV400 which blocks 100% of UV light allowing for the best visual experience on a bright sunny day. 


With Carrera sunglasses, you’ll find some of the best categories of UV protection to go with your cool flaming hot pair of sunglasses. At SmartBuyGlasses we provide you with the full description and information for you when purchasing a pair of Carrera sunglasses.


In addition to this, with SmartBuyGlasses you can also find Carrera mirrored sunglasses, a cool fit for sunny days as you rock eye-catching reflective lenses. Mirrored lenses have a reflective coating on the outside of the lens that creates that mirror effect. Add mystery to your look and keep everyone on their toes as they won’t be able to tell what you are thinking.  


Carrera mirrored sunglasses allow for extra durability and are also great glare protection, as they reflect the light rather than absorb it. 


Polarized Carrera sunglasses are another great choice if you are an intrepid person always on the look for exciting new adventures on the road, in the water, or even in the snow. A polarized lens has a special coating that helps block glare, which is emitted by rays of light hitting flat surfaces. UV filters will help block out harmful UV light but can not filter glare. 


Allow yourself a whole new visual experience that will increase clarity and enhance contrast around you with a pair of Carrera sunglasses and great protective filters!

But how do you know if your Carrera sunglasses are authentic? With SmartBuyGlasses you will receive an authentic pair of Carrera glasses and original packing straight to your door!


We’ve also put together the steps for you to assure you of the quality and authenticity of your new pair of Carrera sunglasses:


• Confront your case and sunglasses. Check to see that the country of origin is the same on your case and the arm of your glasses.  • Check to see if the original logo is on the lenses, below these Carrera sunglasses also have UV protect written on the lens. • Make sure to see consistency in the marking, labels, and logo.

With SmartBuyGlasses you will find a range of affordable, trendy, and designer glasses. Purchasing online glasses has never been easier and safer. 


We offer a variety of sunglasses and eyeglasses with or without prescription, with various filters and protective coatings to ensure the best eye care and the trendiest looks you’ll find. 


Shop for Carrera sunglasses online with SmartBuyGlasses, browse through many cool and gripping styles and colors and combine them with great lenses. Why not have a read-through of our guide for prescription sunglasses and try out the different Carrera sunglasses with our virtual try-on tool before you hit that buy button.