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Carolina Herrera Purple lens color Sunglasses

Carolina Herrera sunglasses are glossy and special – muted and loud at the same time. They're opulent but reserved, and demanding but respectfully so. When a range of luxury sunglasses successfully ticks all those boxes, we truly know we've stumbled on gold.

ch carolina herrera

The Carolina Herrera SHE516 is fun in a number of different ways. It's like a court jester meets a beach ball and a pastel set meets an oil painting. It's like a cocktail party and a clay sculpture class, and it's like a siesta meets Christmas morning. With all that in mind, consider the following: it blocks out UV light and keeps your eyes safe from the sun, too. Carolina Herrera eyewear is special because it places form on the same level as function, meaning a great pair of sunglasses is great for any number of reasons. Now that's well-rounded.

Carolina Herrera for women

The Carolina Herrera SHE511 is a leopard spotted dream. With inspiration coming straight from the jungle, what is clear is that the smartest, and often the most ruthless, life form wins. It's not always a pretty truth to acknowledge, but when it comes to a choice between predator or prey, which side do you suppose makes more sense? If you can signal that logic before you even say a word – you've already won. Welcome to Carolina Herrera.

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