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safety goggles Prescription Glasses


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safety goggles Prescription Glasses

If you are often in a hazardous environment and need substantial protection, safety glasses or a  face shield will be very beneficial for you. Safety glasses fully cover your eyes and protect you from harmful risks such as debris, viruses, and chemicals, while a face shield offers full-face protection.


Despite whether you choose either a face shield or safety glasses, you can be assured that you will be thoroughly protected in environments where it matters the most.


What are safety glasses?

Safety glasses are the best option if you are looking for optimal protection around your eyes. Clear safety glasses enclose around your eyes which minimizes the risk of harmful contact or irritation. 


It is highly recommended that you wear safety goggles or a face shield for occupations such as construction, carpentry, medical care, science, electrical work, plumbing, welding, and auto repair. In addition, many schools require students to wear safety goggles during science class to keep them well-protected as they learn.


If you are someone who wears prescription glasses, you can conveniently wear them underneath the safety goggles to work comfortably. In addition, at SmartBuyGlasses you can add blue light blocker to the goggles, so you can swiftly transition from hands-on work to a digital screen with the most protection possible.


Where to buy safety glasses?

SmartBuyGlasses offers the best safety glasses and face shields to protect your eyes and keep you safe. You can ask our expert opticians anything about eye health and lenses before making your purchase to ensure you get the product that will work best for you. For more information about eye health and safety, we recommend visiting our optical center.


To feel confident about your purchase, SmartBuyGlasses offers free shipping, 2-year warranty, and 100-day-returns to ensure the safety goggles meet your expectations and enable you to work with confidence.