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    Prescription Glasses

    The Clear Readers collection has been designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. We understand that those who require reading glasses often wear them for extended periods. Making it essential that every Clear Readers product is lightweight and comfortable. Each pair of glasses is a perfect combination of style, comfort and purpose.

    Every product has been developed with the upmost care for the needs of glasses wearers, especially when it comes to giving a variety of lens powers. The range is available in +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00, +3.50 powers, to ensure that everyone can find their perfect fit.

    Minimalist designs and high quality materials come together to create a collection that is focused on quality and appearance whilst remaining affordable and accessible. Clear Readers is a brand designed for the modern, the busy and the stylish individual.

    The collection offers everyone the opportunity to express themselves with a pair of beautifully crafted reading glasses. Gone are the days where glasses wearers need to feel embarrassed by a pair of clunky and ill-fitting frames.

    Clear Readers is an attractive range of fashionable frames to match everyone’s daily needs without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to use the code Clear10 to get 10% off your new reading glasses from Clear Readers!