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    Butterfly Prescription Glasses

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    Butterfly Prescription Glasses

    Butterfly glasses, also known as butterfly frame glasses, are a type of frame that features a butterfly-shaped design. They were popularized by fashion designer Tom Ford in the early 2000s and have since been adopted by many other designers. Tom Ford butterfly eyeglasses have remained very popular today, as well as Gucci butterfly eyeglasses. Let’s dive into learning more about butterfly glasses.


    What are butterfly-shaped glasses?

    Butterfly glasses are a type of glasses that have a broad frame and are shaped like butterfly wings, with large lenses. Butterfly glasses are typically made from acetate or metal and feature wide lenses connected by a thin bridge. The frames sit close to the face and often have decorative details such as jewels or logos. Butterfly glasses are designed to be worn as a fashion accessory and are often seen on celebrities and other fashion icons.


    Who looks good in butterfly glasses?

    While butterfly glasses can be worn by both men and women, they are most commonly associated with women's fashion. They are often seen as a more glamorous alternative to traditional eyeglasses but can be worn with both luxurious or casual outfits. When choosing a pair of butterfly glasses, it's essential to consider your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, you'll want to choose a butterfly pair that is more rectangular. And if you have an oval-shaped face, you'll want to choose a pair that is more rounded.

    If you're looking for a pair of butterfly glasses, many options are available at SmartBuyGlasses. We offer an array of butterfly frame glasses for you to choose from, including Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, and Jimmy Choo designs. If you're concerned that butterfly glasses won't suit you, try our Virtual Try-On tool and wear the frames digitally before purchasing!