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    Blue Light Blocking Glasses Prescription Glasses

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    Blue Light Blocking Glasses Prescription Glasses

    There’s been a lot of buzz over the past few years about blue light blocking glasses –  but how do they actually work?


    What are blue light blocking glasses?

    To get an understanding of how blue light blocking glasses work, it’s important first to understand what blue light is in the first place. By now, it has become common knowledge that blue light originates from digital devices such as phones, computers, and TVs. However, the biggest source of blue light is actually the sun.


    Natural blue light is great to stay in good health. It boosts the mood, increases cognitive function and helps memory. However when your eyes are intently focused on artificial blue light for prolonged periods of time, such as when you’re at work using a screen, blue light can overstimulate your brain, interfere with your sleep cycle, and affect your mood. It can also cause headaches, dry eyes and other uncomfortable symptoms.


    What do blue light blocking glasses do?

    Blue light glasses protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to blue light emitted from digital devices and can prevent you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Blue light is filtered through a process of polarization enhancement where high-frequency blue light wavelengths are blocked.


    While less screen time is ultimately the best way to prevent the side effects of blue light exposure, it’s increasingly difficult to avoid digital devices in this era.


    In order to cope with these increasingly difficult challenges, we recommend using blue light blocking glasses. They can significantly reduce the severity of the common symptoms of prolonged exposure to blue light, including:


    • Headaches

    • Dry eyes

    • Mood changes due to serotonin suppression

    • Disruptions to your sleep schedule/circadian rhythm

    • Unnecessary heightened sense of awareness

    If you’re ready to find a stylish new pair of affordable blue light blocking glasses, shop our great selection at SmartBuyGlasses with a best price guarantee, free shipping, and 2-year warranty!