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    Aviator Prescription Glasses

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    Aviator Prescription Glasses

    Recognized by their teardrop shape, aviator sunglasses have transcended time and have remained stylish throughout decades. With an interesting history and diverse varieties suitable for men and women of all ages, aviator glasses are fashionable and make a statement.


    What are aviator glasses?

    Bausch and Lomb developed the first version of aviator sunglasses for pilots in the 1930s. The teardrop lenses completely block light from all angles of the eye, and the classic, dark lenses effectively block the glare from clouds to ensure successful flight. 


    Soon after aviator sunglasses became the standard for pilots, they became increasingly popular in Hollywood and among the general public. A few years later, the brand expanded the collection and introduced clear aviator glasses. The style has been popular ever since!


    Ray-Ban aviator glasses are the best, and technically the only, aviator style. Although many brands make pilot frames, which are similar to aviators, Ray-Ban introduced the iconic style and is the only brand that can truly call their glasses aviators.


    Ray-Ban makes both plastic and wire frame aviators, as well as designs in energetic colors. You can also customize the lenses with blue light blocker and transition lenses. With so many choices, there is a perfect aviator style for everyone!


    Where to buy clear aviator glasses

    At SmartBuyGlasses, we offer a wide selection of clear aviator glasses! We have aviator glasses for men in both classic and modern styles, as well as aviator glasses for women in playful colors that pop. 


    Since we offer a best price guarantee, when you shop with us you know you are getting the best price for Ray-Ban online. To narrow down your selection, you can use our Virtual Try-On technology to see how many different aviator glasses will look on your face. Shopping for aviator glasses has never been more fun!