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SmartBuy Readers

The SmartBuy Readers brand of reading glasses online is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, to create modern, high-quality reading glasses that are affordable. If you are looking to buy reading glasses online, SmartBuy Readers is an easy option. 


Each frame is available in the prescription +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00, +3.50, which you can select based on your needs. The collection comes in a range of frame types including full rim, semi-rimless and rimless. You can choose from a variety of styles to suit your face shape from round to rectangle, with each model available in a range of frame colors. The reading glasses are designed to be sleek and lightweight, making them ideal for extended periods of wear time.


Blue Light Reading Glasses

Adding blue light blocking lenses is a fantastic option if you are looking for reading glasses to help you see text on screens. Blue light is harmful to the eye causing premature eye aging and damage. Common symptoms of high blue light exposure are headache, fatigue, eye strain, and trouble sleeping. We suggest adding our zFORT® blue light blocking coating to your lenses at checkout to ensure your eyes are protected no matter what you are reading from. 


Computer glasses are a variety of glasses that can help with everyday tech use. Computer glasses and reading glasses are remarkably similar, computer glasses are used intermittently similar to reading glasses, but to see intermediate distances. If you need reading glasses you likely also need computer glasses. Still curious about computer reading glasses here is a guide to help you determine if they are right for you.


Progressive Reading Glasses

There is a variety of reading glasses available on the market today. Progressive reading glasses are a common solution if you already have corrective distance lenses. Progressives can hold up to three powers on a single lens, distance, intermediate, and close-up corrective. If you find that switching between pairs of frames is a hassle these are a great option for you. Most of the SmartBuy Readers are made with flattened, more rectangular lenses for ease of transportation and wear. Adding additional powers to such a small lens reduces the effectiveness of progressive lenses. We suggest checking out our progressives selection, there you will find frames made specifically selected because they can hold larger lenses, ideal for progressive reading glasses. 


Recommendations for Reading Glasses

Lost when it comes to picking out the right pair? We have pulled together a few options of reading glasses for women and mens reading glasses. Let’s dive in!


SmartBuy Readers Elvi T-0023 018 - This is a great cheap reading glasses option for men and women. The frame is made of a light, yet durable plastic making for a very elegant transparent frame look. These frames are the perfect option if you need to pull your readers out on the go, they will look smart with any look and for any occasion, you find yourself in. 


SmartBuy Readers M0387 004 - Looking for a standout pair of readers? These might be the frames perfect for you! These unisex reading frames are made of a bright red, sure to be a flashy addition to any look. These frames feature navy temples and a more square shape, compared to the classic thin rectangular shape of most readers. The frames are made of lightweight durable plastic which is perfectly easy to carry with you and comfortable to wear.


SmartBuy Readers M0403 005 - These frames are a trendy pair, featuring a smart rounded shape, you will never want to take these off! Available in a variety of bright and natural tones, these green frames are the flashiest of the line. Featuring a slightly transparent plastic material, perfect for both men and women. Ideal for all occasions due to its lightweight and iconic design.


SmartBuy Readers OR17 OR17B - These rimless readers are the ultimate understated pair of reading glasses. If you want readers that are simple and quietly do their job, these are for you. These frames are elegant, featuring metal temples that innervate at the sides of the lenses. These are going to be some of the most comfortable pairs of readers, they feature an adjustable nose pad bridge, perfect for all nose and face types. The design is very thin and lightweight perfect for on the go. We recommend them for all occasions, out to dinner to read a menu, at work reading screens, or home reading a book. These frames can do it all!


SmartBuyGlasses Initiative

SmartBuy Readers is a proud partner of the World Vision Mother and Child program in Zambia. For every pair of SmartBuy Readers purchased, on smartbuyglasses.com, we have committed a portion of the sale towards the mother and child health program in Zambia. The program aims to reach more than 40,000 women and children under five by 2022 to reduce morbidity, mortality, and stunting rates.


Shop SmartBuy Readers for clearer vision and enjoy a 2-year warranty and a hassle-free 100-day returns policy. Interested in how your frames might look? Use our Virtual Try-On tool while you shop for reading eyeglasses online and see how your favorite frames might fit. Welcome to eyewear made easy!