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Fendi Prescription Glasses

Fendi was founded in 1925 in Rome and emerged as a trendsetter in fashion design already at that time. Fendi is today known worldwide and few brands can surpass Fendi. The brand is known for their elegance, craftsmanship, innovation and style. The collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld began in 1965 and continued until his death in 2019. The brand has always been true to its original philosophy and has maintained a high standard since they started. Fendi glasses are a combination of traditional Italian style with casual blooming modern colors. With their hefty designs, Fendi glasses have a unique design that has been seen on iconic catwalks such as the Trevi Fountain's fashion show in Rome. Fendi eyewear collection contains sophisticated fashion style, made of high quality and light materials for durability and comfort. Choose between different shapes, sizes and colors. Always feel fashionable with a pair of Fendi glasses frames. Fendi paves the way for the style of the future with their original designs!


Although Fendi retains its prominent role as a fur and leather specialist, the Italian fashion house is now also quite attractive due to its beautifully made and elegant accessories, from handbags to watches to glasses. They offer both prescription glasses and sunglasses, where the iconic logo is one of the most sought after by specialists and department stores. The iconic Fendi logo has a double F - one in its normal position and the other upside down - which is usually displayed in contrast black over a yellow background. It was created by designer and Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld when he joined the company in 1965.


Fendi Glasses Frames

Fendi glasses are quite subtle and discreet, rather than overwhelmingly trendy. This style allows Fendi eyeglasses to be a fantastically timeless, sustainable investment that keeps up with new trends that come and go. This is especially useful for those who buy prescription glasses, who may not want to change glasses every season because trends change. Never having to compromise on quality is one of the reasons why Fendi has taken them to where they are today. Innovation, originality and quality define Fendi's glasses. Remarkably modern optical design, with exceptional craftsmanship, outstanding warranty and superior customer service have all contributed to their popularity and reputation for Fendi glasses that few can match. With these features, Fendi glasses are now a symbol of class and style. Wearing Fendi glasses is a bold fashion statement as they embody daring creativity and artistic excellence. Fendi sunglasses deliver outstanding quality and timeless style that transforms glasses from pure function to a fashion statement.


Fendi Women’s glasses

Fendi Glasses frames are bold and confident and it makes them one of our favorite brands of designer glasses for women. Whether you are after Fendi designer glasses with or without prescription or Fendi reading glasses, you will find a pair you love at SmartBuyGlasses.


FF 0119

The Fendi FF 00119 glasses have a cat-eye shape and angular temples that make this design a real work of art. Really stylish and fashionable and if you are not afraid of standing out, these frames are for you! Made of acetate and a black color with silver details. The pair is the perfect complement to your outfit, wear a more discreet outfit to let the glasses speak for themselves or wear a little more color and sharp shapes for a more fashion-forward look!


Fendi 943

More subtle, but no less stylish, are Fendi 903 rectangular Fendi frames that fit a wide range of looks and styles. Choose between the colors Brown Mocha and Dark Gunmetal Gray. A very classic frame but the thicker outer part of the frames gives the pair more character and characterizes Fendi's confident tone.


FF 0134

Fendi cat eye glasses is the brand for you If you are looking for a pair of proper Cat-Eye glasses.. These customer favorites have a small notch in the frame that gives the shape the impression of a butterfly. The modern color tortoise gives the pair a slightly more subtle and harmonious impression. The temples give a slightly more playful impression with the blue color and the temple design gives a very luxurious impression.


Fendi Men’s Glasses

The most popular shapes are square and pilot-shaped frames in the Fendi men’s collection. Square glasses may be one of the most traditional shapes, but Fendi glasses have a variety of colors and patterns to spice up the look of the frames. Whether you want a more classic design or want to try a modern trend, Fendi frames have some of the best glasses designers have to offer.


Fendi 857

Fendi 857 is a modern frame. Follows the transparent trend with a pair of clear frames with white temples. Fits most skin tones and gives confidence. If you like the transparent look but miss color, then check out the Purple Gradient color. Made of plastic and has the traditional square shape.


FF M0063

Here you have a pair of quality metal frame gold Fendi glasses. These gorgeous frames radiate class and character. They are pilot-shaped with a semi-rim frame. The glasses are very modern but with a retro character. Just as good-looking in the office as on the dance floor! With these frames you can feel confident in always feeling handsome. Is not gold your color? Try the silvery or gray ones!


FF M0033

You can never go wrong with a pair of pilot glasses frames. In Fendi FF M0033 you can feel confident in the traditional shape but fashionable in the color combination of dark havana and gold. The frames are made of acetate. If you like the shape but not the color, then check out the black / silver combination if you are looking for something more discreet or burgundy / silver if you want to go your own way!


Fendi Glasses - Team Favorites

FF 0246

One more pair of fashionable cat-eye glasses that the SmartBuyGlasses team loves! A slightly grayer tone in the color with the beige stripes is a perfect combination. A slightly more angular shape on the frame, which makes them a little more unique. A very stylish and retro-inspired look. The frames enhance each outfit. If the frames are too subtle for you, check out the blue color with pink / purple stripes or the purple frames with white stripes.


FF M0078

These transparent unisex frames are suitable for all days of the week. Our favorite is the transparent green pair, but also comes in dark havana, black and completely transparent. Dark havana and the black pair have nice details on the temples that make them more unique. The frame is in a classic oval style and made of acetate. Fendi FF M0078 is very stylish and feels luxurious in its simplicity, Fendi's specialty.


Fendi Prescription Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

First off, take a look at our face shape guide to find what frame will compliment you best. SmartBuyGlasses also offers our Virtual Try-On tool so you can easily see online how the sunglasses fit you. We also have informative Optical Center articles as well as great fashion advice on our SmartBuyGlasses blog for any questions you might have!


Next, if you’re buying Fendi prescription glasses but can’t remember your details, SmartBuyGlasses’ Lens Scanner tool is perfect for you. It allows you to get your current prescription straight from our Lens Scanner app. All you need is a smartphone, a card with a magnetic strip, a computer, and your current prescription glasses. You can then add your prescription to your Fendi glasses and proceed to checkout.


All Fendi glasses from SmartBuyGlasses come with a 24-month warranty, 100 day hassle free return policy, and FREE shipping. We also have a best price guarantee to ensure you get the best value possible, so with SmartBuyGlasses, there's no need to find a physical Fendi store.