Our Top Five Sunglasses and Goggles for Santa’s Christmas List

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Sometimes, knowing what to get people for Christmas feels like an impossible task. I’ve long ago given up trying and am now famous in my family for giving out gift cards. But, if you’re not like me and you still enjoy putting a little effort into your gift giving, then we’ve pulled together our top winter eyewear pick to give you some festive inspiration! Winter sun and glamorous snow holidays (they happen for some lucky people!) are the perfect excuse to capitalise on some great prices on stunning pairs of sunglasses and top of the range snow goggles this Christmas.


Oakley Goggles

Style is important, but so is being able to see clearly when you ski! With this stunning pair of Oakley goggles you don’t have to choose between them; you can have both. (Skiing is dangerous enough without skimping on your prescription needs, am I right?!)  Buy these goggles with your desired prescription and enjoy a crystal clear, chic, and exhilarating Christmas on the slopes, as well as a 24 month warrantee.


Ray Ban Clubmaster

A touch of Clubmaster elegance is what’s needed in everyone’s Christmas this year to keep off the winter sun. This sleek, classic design will make for a great Christmas present for one of your nearest and dearest. One of our bestselling sunglasses, they can be ordered with prescription lenses and come with a fast shipping option, so don’t miss out!


Sinner Goggles

These Sinner Eaglerock SIGO-159 goggles are one of our new arrivals, and they just evoke the blissful feeling of skiing down a pristine slope in frosty sunlight. With their Matte Black frames and Double Red Vent lenses, they’re the perfect gift to get for someone special this Christmas. If you prefer browns or gold, then fear not! These great goggles come in a selection of colours to complete any alpine outfit.


Tom Ford Terry

A truly luxury gift; these Tom Ford Terry’s, featuring a sleek double bridge design with tinted oversized lenses, are the epitome of a modern classic. If you know someone who loves sophisticated oversized sunglasses then grab a pair of these to give this Christmas.


Bolle Goggles

Nestled in our best sellers list, you’ll find these fabulous Bolle goggles. They’re a great purchase for anyone who wants to look and stay warm this Christmas. Their full plastic frames are both strong and durable, and their superior mirrored lenses allow you to carry on with your day without getting blinded by glare; both comfortable and stylish, these goggles will be one of your best buys of the season!


Any of these Christmas goggles or sunglasses will make great presents for all your nearest and dearest this festive season.









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