Our selection of Wood Sunglasses – Top Picks of this Year

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As proven by the fact that Wood Sunglasses have been spotted on most of the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2016, it’s pretty clear that it is definitely a ‘thing’ for this summer. Join us as we take a look at some of the models which are making waves on the eyewear scene.

Prada PR27RS Baroque

Prada has been best known to produce clothing and bags which are unique in their design and these sunglasses  are another bow to add to their string of outstanding and innovative styles. An extraordinarily exquisite model, the Prada PR27RS Baroque features distinctive, rococo swirled temple pieces adding the touch of eccentricity that the Miuccia Prada is widely associated with.

Woodys Barcelona Hiroto

With one of the most extensive collections of wooden sunglasses, Woodys Barcelona has revolutionized the eyewear industry. Out of the hundreds of models they have designed, we are particularly fond of the Hiroto model which harps back to the retro style of the 60s. A splash of modernity is added with the mirrored lenses.



Woodys Barcelona Zeus

Another favourite from the Woody Barcelona collection is Zeus model which evokes the classic Wayfarer® style through refined lines and an oversized shape. Finer details include the hand layered light bamboo wood used to construct the frames.


Woodys Barcelona Skate

Our last pick from the Woodys Barcelona (we promise!) is the Skate model. These sunglasses are perfect way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays whilst keeping a step ahead of the fashion pack. Even better is that they have been finished with veneers in pops of color – perfect to brighten up your mood!




SmartBuy Collection Wood C03-4

Our in-house brand has been quick to innovate some of our popular designs and no less impressive than the wooden sunglasses introduced by the likes of eyewear giants like Ray-Ban®, is the SmartBuyCollection Wood C03. This model features a pretty cool zebra wood texture giving a less mass manufactured and more bespoke luxury feel.




SmartBuy Collection Wood A05-1 Polarized

The Wood A05-1 Polarized sunglasses combine a round shape with modern and the frames feature two tone shaded of natural wood and bright colors like fire engine red and turquoise.






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