Sport Glasses Inspired by Tokyo Olympics

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The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will start on July 24, it is time to buy a new pair of sport glasses to celebrate the event. After the coronavirus pandemic delayed the games we are now ready to celebrate in style. All red, white, and blue accessories are appreciated when it comes to outfitting yourself to watch the best athletes compete against each other to take home the gold medal.

Olympics Fashion

Fashion and sport have always been connected and the Olympics opening ceremony is a must-watch for all fashion lovers. This year, the USA Olympics outfits have been designed by Ralph Lauren. The American brand designed a collection of quintessentially American uniforms for team USA. Many other brands collaborated with the Olympic teams to create memorable Olympic outfits. For instance, Nike outfitted the basketball, track and field, soccer and skateboarding teams. USA Olympics opening ceremony outfits are always stylish and trendy. The American team sets the trends for sportswear as well as for casual fashion all over the globe.

The USA Olympics opening ceremony outfits are always very stylish and patriotic. During the Vancouver Winter Games, the snowboarding team wore some iconic navy puffer jackets with red trim also created by Ralph Lauren. This summer Kim Kardashian’s shapewear and loungewear brand Skims is also partnering with Team USA. The USA Olympics opening ceremony outfits are going to be even more stylish thanks to the American influencer touch.

At SmartBuyGlasses we want to celebrate this amazing sport event by offering our customers a wide range of sports glasses. Our eyewear is designed to make you feel like an Olympic athlete when you play sports. Whatever you are looking for, be it sport glasses for basketball, sport prescription glasses or sport glasses for soccer, we have you (and your eyes!) covered. Find the best sport glasses frames on our online store.

Oakley OO9406 SUTRO

Created with performance in mind, Sutro gives cyclists a bold and contemporary look. These Oakley sport glasses are available in our store in more than 15 different colours. Pick now the colour that matches your favourite Olympic team’s flag. Do not forget to have your own try on using our innovative 3D virtual try-on tool. Buy it now and enjoy a 2-year warranty.

SmartBuy Collection Austin ST9621 1L

The fashionable SmartBuy Collection Austin sunglasses are made with the best quality materials and superior craftsmanship. This plastic matte black frame has a gradient green for a sporty and modern look. You can shop this model in grey and silver as well. Every sale of SmartBuy Collection glasses goes towards the mother & child program in Zambia. SmartBuyGlasses is a proud partner of World Vision.

Arise Collective Montesilvano C1 K1006

If you are looking for sport prescription glasses or a pair of eyewear perfect for your active and busy lifestyle you should consider buying this Arise Collective model. The Montesilvano C1 comes with an exceptional quality black plastic frame. Furthermore, this comfortable model is made to last. All eyeglasses in the Arise Collective collection include free prescription lenses as well as a special advanced coating that renders them anti-glare and scratch-resistant. You can always upgrade your eyeglasses with premium lenses for the best vision. Designed to unite people, Arise Collective actively seeks out partnerships with different organizations. As proud partners of 1% for the planet. We are pledging 1% of their revenue to environmental non-profits from 1% for the planet. 


Modern and light, the Nike Windshield Elite sunglasses combine innovative ventilation with aerodynamic corners. A one-piece wrap-around protective lens provides clear vision. Furthermore, they have protective coverage during any sports activity. Go for these Nike sport glasses if you want a durable and comfortable pair of sunglasses to wear in any weather condition. Shop now for this model for the best price.

Arise Collective Basell C3 F2109

The Basell C3 frame from Arise Collective in acetate is perfect for those who are looking for comfortable and light eyewear. This model can be easier paired with some of the most iconic and elegant USA Olympics opening ceremony outfits. This model is perfect for those who love being outdoors as well as for those who are looking for a pair of glasses for the office. Add zFORT® blue light blocking technology to this model and stop all the negative side effects of blue lights.

SmartBuy Collection Jacksson SA9271 1L

Matte crystal khaki Jacksson is truly a must-have accessory. You can shop this model now on our website for only $49. The classy colour combination of matte crystal khaki and dark brown makes these glasses a fantastic addition to any outfit. The SmartBuy Collection has a great range of affordable glasses, starting from just $7!


Now you know everything about sports glasses and USA Olympics opening ceremony outfits. Therefore all you need to do now is just cheer on your favourite athletes. Cheer in style this summer by wearing one of these fabulous models. If you liked this article, you can also have a look at “Complete Your Vintage Look With a New Pair of 70s Glasses” as well as at “The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Glasses Frames” to find some inspiration for new looks.




Sport Glasses Inspired by Tokyo Olympics

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will start on July 24, it is time to buy a new pair of sport glasses to celebrate the event....

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