Millennials: Eyewear Trends

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Were you born between the years 1980-2000? Yes, no, maybe so? Well if you were, then researchers, economists, and commenters will most likely classify you as something called a “millennial”. Embrace it – it’s a good thing!

Millennial Eyewear Trends

Millennials are the up-and-coming generation of the world and it is within their power to transform the world into a better place for all future generations. Whether it’s through international political reform, establishing the first ever global circular economy, discovering the cure for cancer or inventing long-term renewable energy technology, there is a lot to be expected of this generation.

The term “millennial” is already super-charged with synonyms like tech-savvy, open-minded, entrepreneurial, risk-taking, globetrotting, environmentally conscious and not to mention, fabulously fashionable.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Something that you want to be a part of? Well, to be the part you need to look the part. We have listed a few of the hottest eyewear trends that are all the rage among millennials today. Curious to see if you fit the mold? Check out our findings below!

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

You know all the gentlemen out there with an adventurous yet properly suave sense of style? Casually reading beside a fire with the finest whiskey, exploring the world’s most amazing places or taking their girlfriend to the best restaurants in the city? Well, they are most likely wearing Ray-Ban. Good taste is just, good taste.


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LMNT Sunglasses

Quirky, cute, and always on fleek, LMNT glasses are for all the girls who want to stay on trend but who don’t have all the money in the world to spend (hourly wage, we feel you.). These Kady frames are stunning to wear and stunningly affordable too! Don’t just stop at one, buy all your favorite frames from this modern new label.

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Persol Glasses

Thick, black rim glasses are every millennial’s go-to. They are hip, unisex, match any outfit and let’s face it – they make you look smarter too. Persol do an amazing selection of these hallmarks of Milennial-ism so get your hands on some now. Work it.

Persol PO3012V 900 Eyeglasses

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Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses

Speaking of great taste, Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses are only to be found on the classiest of millennials! D&G offers some beautiful round frames sunglasses that work as dramatic statement pieces for any outfit. Never be afraid to stand apart from the crowd – after all, it’s one of the joys of being young!


Dolce & Gabbana DG2155 12968G Sunglasses

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Spektre Glasses

For a touch of bookish elegance you can’t go wrong with a pair of Spektre glasses. Famous for its iconic elegant street style, Spektre glasses will take you from the office to the evening with no problem at all. Looking good whilst working three jobs on flexi hours to cover student loans, rent, and food costs, has never been easier!


Spektre MI6 MI01V/Black Eyeglasses

shop now for $104.80

Vogue Eyewear Sunglasses

These round mirrored shades prove that Vogue Eyewear can do no wrong no matter what generation you hail from! Mirrored lenses are so in right now, so wear them with confidence and enjoy riding the wave of designer sunglass fame! N-oice!


Vogue Eyewear VO4044S Light & Shine 848/5R Sunglasses

shop now for $104


Are you in-tune with these millennial eyewear trends? Yes? Congrats on your great taste! If not, but you want to be, you can see all of our hottest eyewear brands here. Finally, we’ll leave you with this….





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