Charting the Rise of Clear Frame Glasses

By Emma Moletto

girl posing wearing clear frame oversized glasses

Clear-frame glasses have quietly ascended to prominence in the eyewear fashion world, transforming from a niche trend to a mainstream staple. 

This evolution reflects a broader shift in fashion towards embracing minimalist and versatile accessories.

When did clear frames become popular?

The popularity of clear frames began to surge in the early 2010s. 

This rise was fueled by a growing interest in minimalist fashion, where the emphasis on simplicity and functionality matched perfectly with the understated elegance of clear frames. 

Fashion designers and influencers quickly adopted and promoted clear frames, highlighting their versatility and modern appeal.

This trend was also supported by advancements in materials and design, allowing for more durable and stylish options.

flat lay of a pair of clear frame glasses

Are clear glasses in style for 2024?

They’re as in as avocado toast at a Sunday brunch. Looking ahead to 2024, transparent frames continue to be a significant trend in eyewear fashion.

Their appeal lies in their timeless design and adaptability to various fashion sensibilities.

The ongoing focus on sustainability in fashion has also played a role in the popularity of clear frames.

Many are now made from eco-friendly materials like eco-plastic or recycled acetate, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

girl wearing clear frame glasses

How to style clear-frame glasses

They say less is more, and clear frame glasses took that advice literally – they’re the embodiment of minimalist chic, minus the try-hard.

Why? Because they’re transparent so they go with everything! What you need to focus on is choosing a pair that suits your face and personality.

  • Choose the right shape: Clear frames come in various shapes, including round, square, and cat-eye. Experiment with different styles to find the one that suits your facial features best.

  • Pay attention to details: Clear frames often feature unique design elements, such as metal accents or colored edges. These details can add something extra to your look, so consider them when choosing your pair.

  • Consider your complexion and features: Although clear, these glasses can influence how your complexion and facial features appear. Select a frame thickness and shape that enhances your natural features, considering how the frames cast light and shadow.

  • Coordinate with accessories: Match your clear frames with minimalist jewelry or watches to maintain a modern and sophisticated style.


Seeing through the trend

Clear-frame glasses have perfectly balanced versatility and minimalism, offering another choice to all metal-frame wearers who chase that one pair that goes with everything.

That’s right! We may be witnessing the rise of clear frames as more than just a fleeting trend but rather a timeless choice in the evolving narrative of eyewear fashion.

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