Red Carpet-Worthy Eyewear for Award Season

By Kushla Brewster

a man wearing black sunglasses and a black suit

Firstly we want to thank the academy… just kidding, it’s not that kind of speech, but with that, we’re sure you know what time it is? 

Every fresh start to the year means a new awards season, and with it, a fresh wave of fashion trends being flaunted by your favorite celebrities. 

Glitz, glamor, and golden statues are the talk of the town, but eyewear as the hottest accessory of 2024 takes center stage.

From the Oscars to the Golden Globes to the Grammys, one thing is crystal clear: glasses aren’t just functional necessities – they’re classy fashion accessories. 

This year, eyewear has definitely solidified its status as a sophisticated addition to any ensemble, whether they’re prescription lenses or solely for fashion.

From sleek silhouettes to bold, oversized frames, stylish eyewear is all over the red carpets. 

Sleek chic

An exciting eyewear trend to hit the red carpet this year are sleek, metal frames coming in oval, round, or rectangle shapes.

These trendy glasses, made famous by the celebrities of the 2000s, have made a well-deserved return. 

A timelessly elegant staple, their delicate design and understated allure elevate any glamorous look without overpowering it.

Because of this, these metal frames can complement any color or silhouette. 

As a quintessential accessory for Hollywood’s elite, with a pair of these, you exude an undeniable elegance worthy of any red carpet appearance. 

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a woman wearing round metal eyeglasses

Quiet luxury

We can’t talk about 2024 fashion trends without mentioning ‘quiet luxury’ – a style that’s taken over social media, the runways, and red carpets. 

Quiet luxury is louder than ever; it celebrates minimalism and refined basics. So, what’s the secret to quiet luxury eyewear? 

The pivotal eyewear style that is all over awards show fashion is none other than blacked out sunglasses. Especially those of cat-eye, rectangle, or oval shapes. 

These iconic frames embrace the effortless. Matching almost every color palette, they add a sophisticated allure to any glamorous occasion.

It’s fitting that an homage to Old Hollywood has made its way back to Hollywood with a contemporary flair.

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Contemporary classic

Now, a special shoutout to all the men out there because they’re rocking the stylish eyewear left, right, and center. 

You’re going to see trendy glasses completing so many male looks on the red carpet this year because they’re the perfect accessory. The shape of the moment being a classic square frame

There are a few ways that celebs are sporting the squares right now. An exciting design that elevates a classic suit is a pair of two-toned frames.

A fusion of retro and modern style, they accentuate the wearer’s browline and can come in a range of colors to suit every occasion. 

Black acetate eyeglasses and sunglasses are also frequenting the awards shows.

The epitome of the classic rectangle look being the Ray-Ban Clubmaster. An absolutely iconic style with a distinguished silhouette set to make audiences swoon. 

a man in a grey suit wearing black sunglasses

Closing the curtain

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, any red carpet affair is the perfect excuse to bring out a pair of timeless blacked-out sunglasses or delicate metal frames. 

The eyewear trends of 2024 exude confidence and personality. It’s clear eyewear has a place amongst the glitz and glamor as a sophisticated accessory. 

Even if you’re not hitting up a red carpet anytime soon (perhaps your living room rug is the closest you’ll get), you can still emulate the looks of your favorite entertainers.

We’re sure you’ll find a pair on our site, suitable for every budget, that will have people mistaking you for an Oscar nominee.

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