10 Things All Contact Lens Wearers Know To Be True

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You may not be aware, but people out there are suffering in silence. We’re talking about those brave souls who spend every day acting as if their eyesight is ok and presenting the world with a brave face. Yes, we’re talking about contact lens wearers. Their daily struggles are every bit as real as glasses wearers. Here’s to you, courageous soul.

Also, if you need to know when to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, simply watch our video, here.

1) Waking up with Contacts still in and feeling like Cyclops from X-Men.

Laser eye GIF

I’m invincible. I’ll use my new found powers of sight for the greater good.

Then you remember that you actually just forgot to take them out the night before. But for that brief second, you really believed your vision had been restored.

2) You’re convinced that the tales are true and your eyes are slowly rotting away.

Eye Melting

Yes they say 30 days and nights but can you trust them? The short answer. Yes. Contact lenses have come a long way and the joys of science mean that you can leave them in for longer without consequences (within reason), they’re called extended wear lenses for a reason and they’re amazing. Thank you Silicone Hydrogel.

3) You’ve poked yourself in the eye more times than you’d like to remember.

Can't walk

Every time you think it’s in you have to start all over again. Damn it.

4)      No one is prepared for the day you have to wear your glasses.

There’s general shock and disbelief whenever you choose to wear your glasses.

5)      The moment the contact lens gets stuck in your eye.

My Eyes

You panic and you just try not to go blind. Just be calm and everything will be ok.

6)      The world just don’t understand that eyes aren’t gross.

Taking out contact lens

The world is full of people who hate people touching their eyes.

7)      There’s always the fear of seeing the last pair of contacts in the pack.


You’ve just seen that it’s the last pair in the pack and your glasses day is slowly approaching. Be smart and use SmartBuyGlasses. We’ll send you an email to remind you that your contact lenses need replacing.

8)      You’ve taken them out, but where do you put them?

Panic Eat

Emergency situation has meant that you’ve taken out the lenses with no solution in sight.

9)      Late nights out when the contact lens dries up and everyone thinks you’re wasted.


No, I’m not drunk I JUST CAN’T SEE ANYTHING! Now take me to the bar!

10)   Not quite putting the lens in properly.


You thought you nailed it this morning but now it’s midday and you realize you cant stop blinking. The best way to make sure your lens is in the right way is to ensure that when it’s on your finger, it looks like a cup and not a UFO.

Well done to you intrepid contact lens wearer. Be sure to head over to the SmartBuyGlasses website to check out some great prices on a whole range of Contact Lenses plus if you order from us we’ll even send you an email reminding you when it’s time to re-order. Keep it cool SmartBuyers.




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