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As a relative newcomer to the fashion industry, having started his collection in 2003, Thom Browne has still managed to carve himself a niche. His entire aesthetic is high-end Americana that plays on the old red, white and blue but in a very sophisticated way. Browne originally started his career in fashion as a seller for Giorgio Armani in 1997 and was then snapped up by Ralph Lauren to lead the Club Monaco brand before debuting his women’s collection in 2003.

The designer has managed to achieve a sense of exclusivity regarding his brand, thanks in no small part to endorsements from the likes of Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Bard Pitt and many other celebrities with an eye for style. His menswear collections are every bit as coveted as his female collection now and he is one of the highlights of every New York fashion week. The designer launched his eyewear collection in 2011 by partnering with Dita but ensuring he kept the same aesthetic as his clothing brand. The sunglasses and glasses are a mix of luxury, Americana and high-end design. Many of the items in the collection feature intricate details like clip on lenses, protective blinders and cable temples.

Thom Browne Eyewear


Some personal highlights from the super fashionable Thom Browne eyewear collection includes these interesting TB-018 glasses. These futuristic glasses are sure to be a hit with the fashion crowd and take hipster to a whole new level. The red, white and blue detailing on the end of the arms is the classic Americana that Thom Browne loves. When it comes to picking sunglasses, Thom Browne has hipster sunglasses down to perfection. These TB-010 sunglasses are the epitome of hipster, featuring leather shutters and a leather patch over the bridge, you’re sure to hold attention in these sunglasses. A more feminine frame is the cat-eye shaped TB-506 sunglasses with 18k gold plated arms and the red, white and blue at the end of the arms. Picking up a pair of Thom Browne eyewear at SmartBuyGlasses shows more than just a desire for luxury, it shows that you know who’s up and coming in the fashion world.

Check out the bizarre and slightly creepy menswear spring 2015 collection. (maybe don’t watch right before you go to sleep)




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