Brand Spotlight: Oliver Peoples

By Elise Snedden


Born in Los Angeles, a city famous for its rich culture of fashion, film, art, and music, Oliver Peoples has become a go-to brand for Hollywood A-listers.

Come along as we take a deeper dive into Oliver Peoples’ famous designer eyewear.

History of Oliver Peoples

The Oliver Peoples brand was born in West Hollywood when founders Kenny Schwartz, Larry Leight, and his brother Dennis Leight opened up a storefront on Sunset Boulevard in 1987. 

When designing their iconic frames, the founders of Oliver Peoples took inspiration from vintage designs of the 1920s and 1960s and the unique artistic culture of Los Angeles. 

Kenny Schwartz, Larry Leight, and Dennis Leight have since created a legacy of elegance characterized by a sophisticated vintage aesthetic.

Oliver Peoples is the perfect example of combining classic designs and modern fashions into eyewear that will never go out of style.

What was once just a small storefront on Sunset, is now a luxury brand famously worn by many major movie stars and celebrities.

Quality and craftsmanship of Oliver Peoples glasses

Each pair of Oliver Peoples frames is hand-crafted with careful attention to detail, sculpting and perfecting the materials to achieve a balanced and refined final product. 

The technically intricate process involves both state of the art machinery and the human touch, such as the individual hand-insertion of the genuine pins and plaques.

Each frame is then tumbled and polished, and eventually adjusted by hand, paying close attention to the original drawing created in the design studio in West Hollywood as reference.

man handcrafting a pair of glasses

Oliver Peoples maintains a limited production, something that is hard to find in a world saturated with the poor quality mass production of goods.

Combining meticulous attention to detail, premium materials, and artisanal techniques, Oliver Peoples makes high quality eyewear that is built to stand the test of time.

The face of quiet luxury

‘Quiet luxury’ is a term that describes a timeless, old-money approach to fashion making you look like a million bucks without forcing obnoxious logos or branding.

In a world overrun by large logos and bold branding, the Oliver Peoples collections redefine what it means to be elegant without flashy logos.

Worn by many big screen actors throughout the years, Oliver Peoples has become the face of quiet luxury.

Most popular Oliver Peoples frames

With fashion and trends that are constantly evolving, some things remain timeless.

Available in prescription glasses or sunglasses, Oliver Peoples offers a diverse range of frame styles that are a perfect match for any personality or occasion. 

Whether you’re on an afternoon stroll or attending your exclusive red carpet movie premiere, throwing on a pair of Oliver Peoples frames will elevate any outfit and make you feel like your best, most confident self.

Oval frames

Oliver Peoples is known for their dedication to their original vintage collection, and good thing because oval frames are making a comeback!

Oval frames are the perfect style for any face shape, and perfectly combine the essence of past eras with a modern take.

pair of Oliver Peoples oval frames

Square frames

Oliver Peoples square frames

Square frames provide an angular and sophisticated modern design, while remaining true to the brand’s elegant aesthetic.

Providing a collection with a variety of different frame colors and patterns, Oliver Peoples square frames are perfect for any look.

Rectangular frames

Oliver Peoples rectangular frames

The sleek angular design of the rectangle frame shape makes this style perfect for both everyday and formal wear.

Oliver Peoples rectangular glasses are the best accessory that will stand out and rise to the occasion no matter which frame color you choose.

Known for its extensive quality and timeless vintage aesthetic, Oliver Peoples has set the standard for classy elegance in the luxury eyewear industry.

Their continuous dedication to their West Hollywood roots, artistic design and quality craftsmanship truly sets it apart from the rest, creating frames that will transcend any fashion trend that comes their way.

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